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This knex gun is made to look like a revolver, and is jam free. It is a single shot, which suck, but a semi-auto this smal is near impossible, open to ideas. Good luck! I'm giving credit to officialknexguy for the base of the design.


OfficialKNEXGUY (author)2017-02-20

Or did my magnum inspire you to make your version? Just wondering


Also this one fires, does your?

No. Mine doesn't fire. It's just a model

If you feel like i stole your desighn im sorry, i will edit abd give you some credit, tho i have not even seen yours till now, I actually made based off some thing similar i saw on youtube.

random_builder (author)2017-02-21

This looks awesome! Instructions please.

I will post instructions when i have time, however i do have instructions for a semi auto gun you can check out!

The other gun seems hard to make for just those pictures. I don't think I will make it.

Its not as hatd as it looks, it actally pretty simple compare to other semi-auto guns her, you should give it a try if you have the peices

I do have enough pieces, but just from those pictures, I don't know if I can make it. I might try sometime, though.

Good luck, happy building, and stay creative!

This could be built from the pictures pretty easily. With K'nex, there are only a handful of connections, and you can guess until you get it right.

Yea, I guess. I probably will try sometime later.

CorgiCritter (author)2017-02-25

Looks good, but not a revolver.

Its just modeled after a revolver, sorry it does not function like one!

OfficialKNEXGUY (author)2017-02-20

Hey! Just like my magnum! Did you use my instructions?

No, i actually built from a thumbnail I remembered from youtube of a "magnum" knex gun.

legoloverman (author)2017-02-23


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