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Introduction: Knex Revolver

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Custom gun

Step 1: Knex Front End of Gun

Step 2: Handle

Step 3: Trigger

Step 4: Just Random



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    sorry  if you guys wanted instructions but i can not post them because i don't have the gun to copy so just wanted to let you guys know that. please leave comments thought but do not ask for instructions thanks for looking hope you enjoy.

    have you looked at my knex suspension buggy yet you might want to

    Don't know just wanted to build it

    just think of it as a display thing I guess =P

    The pictures are very blurry and small. can you redo them to be clearer please =)

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    sorry about the bad photo's i was in a hurry  when i posted it

    NYPA made a gun almost exactly like this, knex mad made a similar one but it had a different trigger.

    not bad!