Custom gun

Step 1: Knex Front End of Gun

Step 2: Handle

Step 3: Trigger

Step 4: Just Random

sorry&nbsp; if you guys wanted instructions but i can not post them because i don't have the gun to copy so just wanted to let you guys know that. please leave comments thought but do not ask for instructions thanks for looking hope you enjoy.<br />
a tri pod only has three legs that a quadpod <br />
have you looked at my knex suspension buggy yet you might want to<br />
yes i have its nice<br />
he has a point though...<br />
Good, but why does the revolver need a tripod?
Don't know just wanted to build it<br />
Makes sense...
just think of it as a display thing I guess =P<br />
The pictures are very blurry and small. can you redo them to be clearer please =)<br />
sorry about the bad photo's i was in a hurry&nbsp; when i posted it<br />
NYPA made a gun almost exactly like this, knex mad made a similar one but it had a different trigger.<br />
not bad!<br />

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