Knex Rhino Pistol





Introduction: Knex Rhino Pistol

This is my latest knex gun. It is a small version of my Knex Rhino V1 designed to fit into a trouser pocket. It has a comfortable handle and a range of around 35ft and is accurate to 15ft. The best bit of this gun is the rachet system, it has never broken under pressure and will hold any load you put on it (I've tested it and it will hold at max X10 #64 bands stretched at 60 cm)! With practice it takes around 2-3 seconds to load. It is quite tough so don't worry if you drop it or step on it. Cons: At first aiming can be difficult (However it is just a matter of practice) this is the same for most knex guns.

Step 1: The Rachet System

Follow the pictures in order to complete the step.

Step 2: The Gun Barrel

Follow the pictures in order to complete the step.

Step 3: The Handle

Follow the pictures in order to complete the step.

Step 4: Connect Parts

Follow the pictures in order to complete the step.

Step 5: Elastic Bands and Ammo

Follow the pictures in order to complete the step.



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    25 #65 rubber bands it was massacre

    wont even shoot.

    where do you put the ammo

     Thanx. i made it anyway so its ok. its s-w-e-e-t

    Nice! what kind of range did you get?

     dunno, i didnt shoot it to test the range but with a stupid amount of elastic bands it put a big hole in an empty deodorant can. dont have a pic sorry

    Nice. I'm currently building the last of the Rhino Series, The Rhino Sniper. I will tell you when it is complete!

     sweet!!!!!! to mine i have elongated the barrel a lot so the bands are stretched further and put a sight on it!!!!! and it works too
    i'll make a short instructable to show evry1 maybe how to do it wiv the credit going to you of course. with it i hit a deodorant can and it went FLYING!!!!!

    Finished! Longer/Stronger barrel, improved stock, improved rachet design and unbelieveable power! I didn't feel the need to add a sight.

     oh right wow! that was fast. it's a huge improvement isnt it?

    I never uploaded the Rhino Sniper :'-( but i did just upload the Rhino Rifle V1.1 if your intrested!

     r u using a ratchet thingy for that too?
    all u really have to do is make the barrel 3ft longer like i did!!!! lol

    Not exactly sure. Small enough to fit in a pocket.

    Wow! I like how you can shoot lots of different types of ammo. Excellent design!


    Great Ible!
    I just finished it, at it looks great! Only a couple of unclear steps, but they were easy to decipher. 4 Stars 4 j00! :D

    1 reply

    LOL, Thats impossible... or is it???