Knex Rhino V1




Introduction: Knex Rhino V1

This is a Knex Single Shot Rifle I created a few months ago. It has a good range (I don't know exactly how far but it would shoot roughly the length of a tennis pitch and would be accurate for half). It is comfortable to hold with a good stock and handle. With practice it takes around 4-5 seconds to load. The best bit of this gun is the rachet system, it has never broken under pressure and will hold any load you put on it (I've tested it and it will hold at max X10 #64 bands stretched at 60 cm)! Cons: Barrel is slightly flimsy, Aiming at first can be hard (However it is just a matter of practice) and it has no bipod. Overall it is a good gun but you may wish to mod it if you were to build it. Credit to I_am_Canadian because I used his Handle Guard design from The Striker Pistol.



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    the stock is like the cross bow i just made

    I don't know but this doesn't exactly look like a rhino. Lol im just joking but it looks cool.

     THIS IS AWESOME!!! also you have a wonderful camera!!! 5 stars and subscribed!!!

    Thank you. If you were wondering the camera is a Norcent DCS-1050.


    Looks cool. i would build if it was posted. 5*

    looks like the striker pistol. I would give some credit to I_am_Canadian

    The only part that looks like the Striker Pistol is the handle guard. It was simple to design yet effective. I will give some credit to him. Sorry.

    And the barrel design... Thanks though :-)

    The barrel design in your Striker Pistol is diffrent to my design. Besides all barrels of this type are vagely similiar.