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This is a Knex Single Shot Rifle I created a few months ago. It has a good range (I don't know exactly how far but it would shoot roughly the length of a tennis pitch and would be accurate for half). It is comfortable to hold with a good stock and handle. With practice it takes around 4-5 seconds to load. The best bit of this gun is the rachet system, it has never broken under pressure and will hold any load you put on it (I've tested it and it will hold at max X10 #64 bands stretched at 60 cm)! Cons: Barrel is slightly flimsy, Aiming at first can be hard (However it is just a matter of practice) and it has no bipod. Overall it is a good gun but you may wish to mod it if you were to build it. Credit to I_am_Canadian because I used his Handle Guard design from The Striker Pistol.


starwarsjedi76 (author)2011-08-15

the stock is like the cross bow i just made

Millawi Legend (author)2009-09-25

I don't know but this doesn't exactly look like a rhino. Lol im just joking but it looks cool.

mahmel (author)Millawi Legend2011-01-25


KnexFreek (author)2010-01-26

 THIS IS AWESOME!!! also you have a wonderful camera!!! 5 stars and subscribed!!!

JonnyDude2008 (author)KnexFreek2010-01-29

Thank you. If you were wondering the camera is a Norcent DCS-1050.

NYPA (author)2009-09-08

Looks cool. i would build if it was posted. 5*

Killer~SafeCracker (author)2009-07-06

looks like the striker pistol. I would give some credit to I_am_Canadian

The only part that looks like the Striker Pistol is the handle guard. It was simple to design yet effective. I will give some credit to him. Sorry.

And the barrel design... Thanks though :-)

The barrel design in your Striker Pistol is diffrent to my design. Besides all barrels of this type are vagely similiar.

Its exactly the same, just with a few extra pieces slapped on the sides.

I can assure you that that was coincidental.

...that you built my handle and handle guard, and majically my barrel appeared on it as well? Ah well...

Seeing as your my favourite knexer as you create some awesome things I thought I would tell you I have found away to create a knex roller coaster without any track pieces or Knex roller coaster cars. It just uses normal Knex pieces. If you want to see some pictures of it just tell me. (I've only created a small piece of track because I wanted to test the idea first).

Thats interesting, I had the exact same Idea a while back. Mine didn't turn out that good though. Photos?

erikos kostarikos (author)2009-08-20

why dont you call it IAC's striker pistol with a stock?

entenie-1995 (author)2009-07-27

it looks like striker pistol, but your gun is better and cooler ( that is the striker pistol

Thanks. It does look fairly similiar but the stock, front ,rachet and sight are all diffrent.

entenie-1995 (author)2009-07-25

striker psitol XD

what do you mean...

JonnyDude2008 (author)2009-07-17

I would have done but I have taken it apart now in order to build a Knex Drop Ride which is now complete...

JonnyDude2008 (author)2009-07-16

Hey guys just finished building a knex drop ride! I will post videos soon! By the way the picture is side ways (I couldn't be bothered to turn it).

lord voldamort (author)2009-07-10

i did a test and while the green connectors at the front make a good sight, the reduce the range i replaced the one on mine with 2 slot connectors

Thank you. When you say slot connectors do you mean the purple connecters?

i mean "slot" as in what you can snap a rod into

Oblivitus (author)2009-07-06

Redo the stock to look like your average rifle and it will look great.

JonnyDude2008 (author)Oblivitus2009-07-06

Thanks, however I was going for comfort over design and this stock is very comfortable.

Oblivitus (author)JonnyDude20082009-07-07

But it's ugly, so if you make one that is comfortable and looks good than the gun will be improved.

JonnyDude2008 (author)Oblivitus2009-07-07

I suppose you are right. Its not that ugly is it?

Oblivitus (author)JonnyDude20082009-07-07

This is a photoshopping showing my idea of the guns best look.

DJ Radio (author)Oblivitus2009-07-07

How the f**k did you do that?

Oblivitus (author)DJ Radio2009-07-07

That's the magic of photoshop my friend.

DJ Radio (author)Oblivitus2009-07-07

what do ya think of my OSSR btw.

Oblivitus (author)DJ Radio2009-07-08

I don't like it much, oh and I don't like your AR4v3 hopper system either, it isn't what I expected, although the bolt is still nice.

DJ Radio (author)Oblivitus2009-07-09

that hopper system needs the reinforcement that was shown on my gun, yours doesnt have that reinforcement.

Oblivitus (author)DJ Radio2009-07-10

Reinforcement wasn't the problem, I tore it apart already anyway, it just was not a very powerful system, the Beast Pistol is better because it holds the rods firmly in place, the lose hold that your hopper had decreases power and allows rods to fall out of the barrel more easily.

DJ Radio (author)Oblivitus2009-07-08

come on man, what dont you like about it?

JonnyDude2008 (author)Oblivitus2009-07-07

Cool. Not so keen on the stock but I like the idea for the barrel.

Oblivitus (author)JonnyDude20082009-07-07

Yeah, well the stock doesn't have to look exactly like that, but doesn't it look better than the original? Just try making something straight and rigid so that it matches the rest of the gun, then the whole gun will have the same style.

Trainman 2001 (author)2009-07-09

U Copied My and dsmans gun desins

No mate... no I really didn't the only person I copied in anyway is I_Am_Canadian!

DJ Radio (author)2009-07-08

thats not spam, Im asking his opinion.

Oblivitus (author)DJ Radio2009-07-08

Technically, it's spam, but I do it too. If someone asks you to stop, then you should respect that though.

DJ Radio (author)Oblivitus2009-07-08

I guess so.

lord voldamort (author)2009-07-07

omg i put 3 rubber bands on it i was testing it with one and it made a dent in my wall

lord voldamort (author)2009-07-07

nice 4.5 stars i like the stock even if it is a bit ugly... not that much though

Cool thanks.

DJ Radio (author)2009-07-07

It looks decent.

JonnyDude2008 (author)DJ Radio2009-07-07

Thanks have you checked out my Rhino Mini?

DJ Radio (author)JonnyDude20082009-07-07

its fine.

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