This is my (not so) long awaited knex rifle. it shoots about 80 feet with 2 64 rubberbands tied up. 
I'm going to post more things within days so check the pictures and click on my next Ible ;)
Ethan Doherty5 months ago
Looks like Winchester
Knex.X (author) 3 years ago
It was kind of modelled after it.
knexboy5863 years ago
it looks like the windchester
Looks nice and clean.
Knex.X (author)  I_am_Canadian3 years ago
Wow thank you!
Its a honor to get a compliment from a knex 'legend' like you
~Meme~3 years ago
Average as in 'not bad but know better'.
~Meme~3 years ago
Knex.X (author)  ~Meme~3 years ago
Average as in 'not bad but know better'
Or as in 'this is ugly but i'm too friendly too say that'