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This is one of the best, if not the best Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)out there. It hits upwards of 80 feet flat. It will accurately hit whatever you are aiming at 50-60 feet. I tried out new paneling. How does it look? I like it!


dr. richtofen (author)2014-01-27

It looks nice and sturdy, maybe a bit generic. But the backwards magazine is kind of silly IMO.
Nice build.

Does it look silly? Lol that's purely for function, it worked better that way than the traditional forward facing mag. And it it nice and sturdy. Thanks bro!

You're welcome!
If it makes it work better, then it doesn't really matter if it looks silly ;)

As for the name Reddie's been talking about, maybe think of some silly / weird / whatever word, and use that as a name :p

just used a random word generator and used it for the title

Lucas The Boss (author)2014-02-10

This looks pretty good I like how the gun is put together in my opinion the mag does not look bad it just gives it character.

I am with Blue Mullet 2 though on the range it just seems impossible for it to get 80 feet but I'm not saying you lied but it just doesn't seem legit

Thanks! It did shoot 80+ feet though.

Dan13_13 (author)2014-06-03

So badass
Could you post the mechs, I'd like to see how it works
Maybe adapt it into my sniper series, but giving copyrights of course

Thanks! (I just now saw this comment) I'll have to try and remember the trigger mech I used for this. Gawd that was a long time ago. I'll see what I can do.

TheAwesomestDude (author)2014-02-03

As to your first paragraph: It should be said that the last bullet inside of the magazine goes 80ft and the first around 50 because bigger rubberband stretch = more friction. I have made better shooting guns than this before, my knex sniper. It shot 100 flat, 120 angled.

As to the second: I did not fake gun ranges. I would love to show you a video and I'll do that later but for now you will have to wait until the weekend because I am to busy during the week.

And as to the third: It doesn't sound mean :), and thanks for the compliments.

TheAwesomestDude (author)2014-02-02

This does hit 80-whether you believe me or not. The reason it has so much power is because it hardly hits the bullets. And thanks for saying it looks nice, that's means a lot because most of my guns do not look as good as this. And the only reason I have the magazine in backwords is for function.

It looks pretty great, but you should consider taking more time to elaborate on your builds... or maybe make a video.

sadly the instuctable app will not allow me to make a video

Well, use whatever you have to make a video, upload it to YouTube, and embed it to this 'ible.

Uuugggghhhhh that's to much work for a person like me lol. I'm lazy.

I might just do that.

I would like it if you did. =D

I'll think about it some more.

I honestly had no idea what to call this, or what to say about it.

Hmmm... Sometimes I feel the same way, but when that happens, that is when you know your build does not have very many features. Now, what I would do is add a telescoping stock, flip up sights, picatinny rails, and anything else that would enhance the performance and usability of this gun, then find a great name that is totally original, and then re-post this (in a different 'ible). What do you say?

sure, but what is picatinni, isn't that on airsoft guns?
and I still have no clue on title

Picatinny? Oh, it is the real name for attachment bars / gun rails / or tactical rail. As to the title, what about... ummmmm... I don't know. What about some initials or something, as "K'NEX Rifle" is kinda boring.

check out the new title!

But do you know what it means? (without searching the web)

No, that I do not. I now know (know now) that it means, as it were, "heated trial." Sorta kinda...

Ustulate: Blackened as if burned.

Afforcement: A fortification.

Ah, I see.


what is the +1?

you don't need to tell me that it is boring, I know that it is extremely boring. lol XD Im just not the best person to come up with names

I probably sounded really mean. XD

XD it's okay bro, you don't sound mean!

JonnyBGood (author)2014-01-30

Never heard of either word before, that being said this gun looks solid and sturdy. Nicely done!


akshat21045 (author)2014-01-28

I see you gave it a name... =D

Nice gun overall, but as dr. richtofen said, it is a bit generic.

yup I sure did! thanks, I didn't have much time to make it flashy but, I wanted it to perform good

Ok. I would suggest you make it look a bit better than what it is next time.

nerfrocketeer (author)2014-01-26


Thanks bro!


=D !

sandroknexmaster (author)2014-01-26

Wow, looks great! 80 feet is amazing :D

Thanks! :D

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