Knex Rifle [UPDATED]




Introduction: Knex Rifle [UPDATED]

Hey, this is a rifle i made, just tell me what you think, and i want a name, sooooo, i want you guys to think of a cool name, ill pick five good ones that i find, then ill have you guys say which one out of the five, and i may post but not soon cuz im still tweaking it. Thanks, and please rate and subscribe



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Incredible Gun, Awesome Look, Ingenious Make, Great Job. As For The Name, How Many Rounds? Because I was Thinking SW-(Amount of Rounds) BulletStorm Assult Rifle .

SW (Senior Waffleman) /-
24 (Max Amount Of Rounds Per Magazine (i'll just call it 24 for time being. Substitute for true amount)) /
BulletStorm (Awesome Name) /
Assult Rifle (It's an Assult Rifle) =
SW-24 BulletStorm Assult Rifle

Thanks for the great comment Syko, umm, around 10-12, it was like that because of the external mag pusher for the time, when it became internal, i didnt put too many because i didnt have good rubber bands, i was low on bands, um, thank you very much for those names, i really like them, Im looking towards the SW-15, seems more suitable for this gun, the other ones make this gun look too good for its own capabilities =)

So SW-15 is the final verdict? by the way I got the SW for senior waffleman from Avtomat Kalashnikova and the... you guessed it, AK-47 (I may only be 13 but I know alot about guns)

This is so cool, Removable mag cool stock, grip u need to post 5*

yay, u subbed me!