Knex Rifle [UPDATED]



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Introduction: Knex Rifle [UPDATED]

About: i like to mess with knex, i think they are a very creative kinda toy for people that like to build things of all sorts. i have a youtube account. its potpieism, yes its a dumb name but its hard to get a name...

Hey, this is a rifle i made, just tell me what you think, and i want a name, sooooo, i want you guys to think of a cool name, ill pick five good ones that i find, then ill have you guys say which one out of the five, and i may post but not soon cuz im still tweaking it. Thanks, and please rate and subscribe



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    Incredible Gun, Awesome Look, Ingenious Make, Great Job. As For The Name, How Many Rounds? Because I was Thinking SW-(Amount of Rounds) BulletStorm Assult Rifle .

    SW (Senior Waffleman) /-
    24 (Max Amount Of Rounds Per Magazine (i'll just call it 24 for time being. Substitute for true amount)) /
    BulletStorm (Awesome Name) /
    Assult Rifle (It's an Assult Rifle) =
    SW-24 BulletStorm Assult Rifle

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    Thanks for the great comment Syko, umm, around 10-12, it was like that because of the external mag pusher for the time, when it became internal, i didnt put too many because i didnt have good rubber bands, i was low on bands, um, thank you very much for those names, i really like them, Im looking towards the SW-15, seems more suitable for this gun, the other ones make this gun look too good for its own capabilities =)

    So SW-15 is the final verdict? by the way I got the SW for senior waffleman from Avtomat Kalashnikova and the... you guessed it, AK-47 (I may only be 13 but I know alot about guns)

    This is so cool, Removable mag cool stock, grip u need to post 5*

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    yay, u subbed me!

    I was kind of thinking of that, but the problem is, alot of people might thinkn that its the wunderwaffe from world at war and give me bad comments

    most likely, im waiting for a little bit higher rating and more views, because it only has 69 views


    Your welcome!!