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Introduction: Knex Rifle: Epidemic 5.56

Epidemic is a powerful, removable magazine rifle with a pin guide and slick looks. The best part: A charging handle! It happened when KnexGuy15 (Go and subscribe him) suggested I should build a bolt action rifle. I was about to do a range test when I received the message, so I hastily replied and did the test. Well, the bolt action rifle rifle stuck in my mind, so about 10 minutes later, I came up with the charging handle idea. 10 more minutes and I had one built and installed. The action is incredibly smooth, better then the Zkar. It is more accurate then the Zkar too. The range is about 60 feet with two #64 bands. I had already started to write the into for this ible, and so when I found how good the range was, I was super exited to update this. It turned out very painful. The snow at my house has mostly melted, and as I ran, I slipped and fell full force on my hip. The good news: only four pieces snapped out of place. The bad: there is at least a 70% chance of ending up with a bruise the size of my fist. Anyway, it is technically a version two of this gun. The new version is better in several ways, and a list of differences is as follows.

Slightly longer barrel.

Simpler sights.

Trigger guard.

14 round 5.56 banana magazine.

Only 8 blue rods sticking out.

Better pin guide to body set up.

Handle has black wheels on it.

Bottom rail for attachments. (Like these)

Different stock internals.

More accurate.

Charging handle.

Great ROF

There is a decent chance of instructions being made, especially if someone asks. Please comment and subscribe.




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    Have I really not commented on this, well looks very good. If I had not seen the instructions first, I really thought this was bolt action. Anyways great job!!!!!

    Thank you very much!

    -453 minutes ago

    Nice, better update your bio. ;)

    Thanks a lot, man! Those charging handles can be deceptive, huh?

    Thank you! I really like replicas too.

    Looks more improved than aggression but I think the charging handle is just abit too big. If I was you, I would have used yellow rods instead of red ones

    It does look too big, but yellow rods would make the handle too short to pull easily. :D

    I guess so but it was a just thought I came up with but ok