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Introduction: Knex Rifle: Famine Internals

SemiImportant Note: I took all the dog pictures today so they are up to date, enjoy. :)

OK, so I thought I would post one more gun on this platform before you guys get to sick of it. It is a single shot rifle with improvements over the other versions of this. For one, the handle is more comfortable, the pin guide is connected to the body better and no longer needs a broken piece. Also, the back of the weapon is reinforced so you can use more bands. The trigger is even easier to pull and the top of the receiver has a rail for nerf attachments or a knex scope. (Thanks, myOmy) The rail also serves as a rear sight. Also, I have some pictures of the weapon with a sight that can be adjusted for elevation. The gun can have just about any type of sights you want, for example you could add a y clip to the end of each red rod for standard looking rear sights.

Famine has a top loaded breach that will accept both connectors+rods or rods. It can fire many different connector+rod variations and also anything from a blue rod to a grey. Just a warning, the blue rods can be inconsistent shooters. The breach could be modified to shoot blue rods better or shoot white rods. You can put a single silver spacer on a rod to act as a shell, but since the gun does not have a magazine friction problem, it does not make much of a difference. The shell ejecting is still pretty cool though.

Range is about 65 feet with yellow rods and two NEW 117 bands, and 50 with blue rods, 55 for grey rods and connector+rod combos, and 60 for red rods. It has never failed to fire a round. The reinforced back allows for 4 doubled 117 bands, and the pin guide keeps the pin from bending... much.

The downfall: Accuracy. This is a common problem with rod shooting guns. It is still good enough to plink at cardboard boxes around the house though.

The reason is because some of the mods can be put on Aggression or Epidemic to improve them.

All in all, this is a very descent weapon and I hope you have as much fun with it as I did. It is officially (wait for it...) CORGI APPROVED!!

FUN FACT: If you have read this and not built the gun, and it seems the jugular vain in you neck suddenly feels very vulnerable, it means that a corgi is preparing to do the gruesome deed of devouring you. If this happens, grab the knex and build or suffer a unhappy end. Maybe.

Please comment and subscribe, if you have any problems, do not be afraid to PM me with your questions.



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    I'm sure you can build like 2 Billion different and unique guns with 1 frame!

    Thanks, most of the time they don't end up looking too good, and never get posted.

    Thank you, not as cute but still enough that he gets more treats and attention then he deserves. :p