Knex Rifle "Locke"





Introduction: Knex Rifle "Locke"

Oh man, two in one day. This is probably one of the best looking rifles I have ever made and performs very well too. It shoots about 45 ft maybe more I didn't test it very well. The rifle has a nice and long pin pull for maximum power. The grip on this thing feels amazing (I've never had a problem with sharp parts digging into my hand on this gun). You can mount just about any sight or under barrel attachment on it. It shoots gray cons with green rods (Pretty standard). I don't know if I'll be posting or not. I also wouldn't expect much from me in the future.

Anyways, thank you and have a nice day! :)



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    can you please upload an instruction of it

    the fact that I like your guns is due to the fact that I like the ingame/ real gun, and sincr I live in the netherlands I'm not allowed to own anything else then an airgun
    And I've build shooting guns before, but due to the fact that most of em failed to propperly function or blew them selves up, I sticked to models, I recently made two shooting guns one of them being an Ar15 style gun and a crossbow pistol,
    and I can't recall saying I will 'pew pew' someone that would've been atleast a month or 6 ago

    Hey, I'd love to see some pictures of the Ar15 and the crossbow! Are you planing on posting them?

    there are no pictures of the ar15 style gun, i can how ever rebuild the crossbow and post it but i had/have no name for it

    It'll be saturday or sunday at it's earliest sorry

    yo buddy listen, It's gonna take some time to remake the crossbow, I just downloaded Metro Last Light and my room is clean now and knex makes a big mess and especially this crossbow, it might take a while sorry

    Sure. K'nex turns my room into a disaster.

    here ya go buddy
    any ideas for a name?