First instructable - comments welcome
special thanks to Knexartillerys RPG for the main mechanism,
I've turned it into a Sniper rifle.

Practical stock
Easily customizable
True trigger
Moderate amount of pieces
Very powerful

Slow to reload
Some what flimsy, but can be reinforced

Slingshot type gun
Shoots approximately 100 feet (depending on elastics used)
Room for scope

Step 1: Parts

Overview of parts needed:

Step 2: Barrel

1. Assemble
2. put these in
3. front image
4. thats the ball joint connector on a white (black) rod in between the first 2 yellow connectors

Step 3: Stock and Trigger

1. assemble
2. assemble
3. assemble
4. assemble
5. attach number 2
6. attach number 3
7. attach number 4
8. put trigger assembly together
9. " "
10. insert trigger

Step 4: Firing Pin

1. assemble pin

Step 5: Putting It Together

1. connect the stock to the barrel assembly
2. insert the pin

Step 6: Preping and Loading

1. putting on the stocks elastics
1) holds the trigger forward
2) holds the trigger up and the firing pin elastic down
3) firing pin elastic
2. making barrel's elastics
3. " "
4. putting on the barrel's elastics
5. loading
do I need the ball joint thing?
pic 4 of 2 and the bottom of the first pic is confusing<br>
handle seems comfy to me
thats an awsome gun dude
your handle sux lol.
this is cool. i modded it to mmake it bigger and put a shoulder pad on and new trigger so its now a bazooka!
what is that little black thing x1 ?&nbsp;can anyone help?
&nbsp;female ball and socket joint<br /> <br />
&nbsp;whats a spec?
my mods are on myprofile! it adds about 20-30 feet extra range and adustable scope!!! PLZ&nbsp;LOOK!!
looks like a pretty easy gun to build
feel free to improve on it, the only reason i didn't is beacuse i was running out of pieces
you should get more pieces... this gun isn't really worth posting (just my opinion
handle looks bad and it looks uncomfortable
Nice but i would change the handle a bit cause it doesnt look too comfortable

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