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Introduction: Knex Ring Lift

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Hello everyone,
Here's my knew and totally awsome ring lift. I want to give credits to Shadowman39, because he invented this lift in his ball machine Cataclysm. I just looked at the pics and build the ring frome that. The reest I invented on my one. Have fun!

EDIT: I made the lift run a lot smoother and made the exit working better. I'll post new instructions after Catastropha is finished!
EDIT 2: Here is the smoother and faster version of the ring lift!

Step 1: The Motor

You'll start with the motor, because it is in the lowest part of this lift.

Step 2: Turning Ring Mechamism

Now you'll make the mechamism that turns the ring.

Step 3: Ball Entrence

It's time to make the ball entrence

Step 4: Ring Part 1 of 2

Step 5: Ring Part 2 of 2

Now you'll finish the ring.

Step 6: The Tower

It's time to make the tower!

Step 7: The Lower Top

Funny name "the lower top" :)

Step 8: The Exit Track

It's time to make the exit track!

Step 9: The Toppest Top

You almost did it! You just have to finish the top.

Step 10: You're Finished

You're finally finished! If you have any problems feel free to ask. You'll have to switch the motor to the right. Thanks for building!



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    you should add a spiral staircase so that when it finishes it willgo back to the start... u no what im saying

    2 replies

    no, i just make the lift, YOU guys make the ball machine :D

    lol, it was original as big as a normal paper, scaled it up a bit! :D



    You can see that poster also on some other of my ibles! :D

    Nice! I like it! Try and make the ring not studder. Other than that great job!

    6 replies

    HEy smilee I heard you really like these things:
    :-) :-D :-( :-X XD :-P
    >:-)>:-( ;-)

    Am I right :-P

    Why the hell do you use noses??????????????ßßß

    1. They are faster to tip
    2. They are (as me) frome the light side
    3. The ones with noses are frome the dark side

    !-) My cyclops smilee will vaporize you.