Knex Ring Lift





Introduction: Knex Ring Lift

Hello everyone,
Here's my knew and totally awsome ring lift. I want to give credits to Shadowman39, because he invented this lift in his ball machine Cataclysm. I just looked at the pics and build the ring frome that. The reest I invented on my one. Have fun!

EDIT: I made the lift run a lot smoother and made the exit working better. I'll post new instructions after Catastropha is finished!
EDIT 2: Here is the smoother and faster version of the ring lift!

Step 1: The Motor

You'll start with the motor, because it is in the lowest part of this lift.

Step 2: Turning Ring Mechamism

Now you'll make the mechamism that turns the ring.

Step 3: Ball Entrence

It's time to make the ball entrence

Step 4: Ring Part 1 of 2

Step 5: Ring Part 2 of 2

Now you'll finish the ring.

Step 6: The Tower

It's time to make the tower!

Step 7: The Lower Top

Funny name "the lower top" :)

Step 8: The Exit Track

It's time to make the exit track!

Step 9: The Toppest Top

You almost did it! You just have to finish the top.

Step 10: You're Finished

You're finally finished! If you have any problems feel free to ask. You'll have to switch the motor to the right. Thanks for building!



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    ho i have this motor

    you should add a spiral staircase so that when it finishes it willgo back to the start... u no what im saying

    no, i just make the lift, YOU guys make the ball machine :D

    lol, it was original as big as a normal paper, scaled it up a bit! :D