Step 4: The Motor Part 3

Now you'r making the last part of the motor!
I made it
oh no im gonna be here all night. then in the morning i will need to buy more knex!
Yeah, that step takes ages.... That ring was still the ring i built up for version 1, so it was built together for more than a year...it's already destroyed by now :P
Haha to funny! :D
Too true XD
can i make this that i don't need golden tubing conectors?
I made something like this here: <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Large-Knex-weel-lift-with-holes/
when i have more rollercoaster coaster conectors i make this bu i dont have so much rollercoaster conectors :(
That aren't the roller coaster ones, that are the ones that come with ball machine sets. And other tubing also works. :)
no the gold conectors for tubing i have 28 of these not enough for this lift the other rollercoaster conecters i have more thn 300 of them
oh... :(
yes the lift is cool but i cant make it :(
I had an Idea recently, for those of you who have many rollercoaster sets and way too many of those track peces laying around (Like I do, you can use this instructable for the chain moving, and <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Track-Guide-for-Micro-Knex-Coasters/" rel="nofollow">THIS</a>&nbsp;instructable to substitue the ring, and a little enginuity to make the holders, it can use lexss pieces, and also use more common pieces (only uncommon is the track piece, and it won't use more than 15 of those in the least)
I have not made the instructable that links to the chaining, and holding of the track pieces, either that or i will-...just a moment, going to get the link now <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-custom-coaster-car-for-mini-track/" rel="nofollow">(the instructable for using the track itself </a>+ some innovation from you should suffice to work, I can't find the time anymore to go to my grandparents and take a shot of the holder, it only holds a ring of one track piece at this time But I see quite an amount of potential, especially if you put something like the ever so rare ball track tubing on the track itself, enabling the original setup warranting a small amount of modification, this should be done in an instructable, but as said, I can't get any pictures for this, so no go on that for now.)
I'm somehow still not getting what you want.....but I don't have a single micro knex set so I guess that doesn't mind.
Erm...am I stupid or didn't you say your idea?
maybe...somewhere else...I have probably forgotten about it, it's been a long time since i made any comments on here
Oh, haha :D
finally something in which i can actually use my spacers!! awesome lift dude!
Haha, thanks! :)
I really like the way you did the chain.
Hi, Awesome Lift! Where do you get those 5-point tabbed connectors? Also, could you make a Mini version of this lift?
thanks! I got the tabbed connectores from other ball machine sets as the big ball factory or the trampoline tower. But you can also buy them at knexusergroup (just google for that and you'll find it).<br>And for the mini-version, do you mean something like this? https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-wheal-lift-with-holes/
Thanks, I'll look into this knexusergroup and I like that small lift - just what i wanted!
cool i could help you!
What do you mean?
i'm glad that I could help you out.
Cool! Can't wait to build, but I'll have to put this on hold. I'm moving in a few months and I don't want to be building anything massive right now.
good Job! =D 5* How many orange track pieces does it use?
oh, i forgot to say how many orange connectores :D it uses 32*4=128 or them.
Thanks, i might need to get some more then!
:D But the lift is wourth it, it's awesome. But I'll not use it in my next ball machine as I want to use there ONLY complete new lifts. ;)
Thanks! 1900th comment! :D
Whhoooooooooo!! :D
You kids and you're fancy K-Nex, Back in my day all we had were green wight blue yellow sticks and gray, red, green, yellow, wight and orange connectors.
O.o but you can also build a lot jut out of them... :)
Great job! mind if i use it in my current ball machine?
Thanks! And I don't mind (What did I make instructions for? :D). :) I also would be happy about credits.
Awesome! You get preview pictures for helping contribute to my ball machine (as will all others)<br><br>I will pm them to you today :D
cool! :)
Great job! Looks much better now!
thanks! It's even better than in catastropha as I used here a 12V motor instead of these 3V battery motores :D

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