Picture of K'nex Rubber Band Gattling Gun (RBG)
very cool but can you make instructions?
bilaliscool3 years ago
nice gun but ! how to make??
cjzick993 years ago
Cool gun man 10/10

skyfaller4 years ago
Superpoopa (author)  skyfaller4 years ago
i broke it a long time ago sorry
Aha, I see i have some competition... Did you also adapt this from the existing RBG turret on the site? I have a 2 barrel version in the works :D Yours is a lot cleaner design though...
Superpoopa (author)  agent harmsy4 years ago
When i saw the lego turrets on youtube i found out the mechanism, and also I have built knex_pls's Knex rubber band gun turret, then I made this one cause it is more portable and more non-wobly.
~KGB~4 years ago
lol, kool