Knex Rubber Band Gun: Plasma Pistol





Introduction: Knex Rubber Band Gun: Plasma Pistol

 A repeating rubber band gun that looks like the halo plasma pistol. Working on the instructable, so this is just a preview. It can hold only 9 to 11 rubber bands if you don't have spacers like me. With spacers, you can put as much rubber bands as you can (the limit is when the barrel bends back too much from the rubber bands and breaks).



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    Here is the link to the video of it shooting:

    IDK why there are no pics. There bug has already been addressed, so you will have to wait until it's fixed, or for the instrutable to be completed to see it :(

    There is only one and a half broken pieces. One of them can be made from an already broken red connector. The other has only 1 insignificant millimeter cut off.