K'nex Rubberband Gun/Pistol

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Introduction: K'nex Rubberband Gun/Pistol

This is my K'nex Rubberband gun that can shoot up to 4 rubberbands at once. It is really simple to build and use.


9 green connectors
13 yellow connectors
4 red connectors
11 gray connectors
4 red connectors
2 tan clips
1 black connector
1 snowflake
1 blue rod
29 green rods
23 white rods
1 rubberband (for trigger)

Step 2: BUILD

Build the picture below.

Step 3: BUILD

Connect white rods in the specified places and use your snowflake connector to create a barrel.

Step 4: BUILD

Step 5: BUILD

Place gray connectors in between every white rod.

Step 6: BUILD

Place the Black connector where it belongs. Make sure it is facing the right direction or else your barrel won't be able to move.

Step 7: BUILD

Build the trigger and place it on your gun using 2 tan clips and a blue rod.

Step 8: BUILD

Finish the end of your gun.


Set up your rubberband to where your trigger is nice and strong.



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i dont have a black rod , does that matter

sme here im stumped

i cant get the trigger to make the barrel thingy spin. Help?

Much better sorry guys ive been gone.... And i still will be searching for a gun worthy of being called "THE BEST" I seriously have tried making many guns for the past year and most have disappointed me in power..... PLEASE END MY MISERY AND GIVE ME IDEAS ;D

This is my latest version of that DD-27 mod I showed you months ago, but this is more powerful and has a 6 round hopper. It's called the Beast Pistol, instructions are pending.

Beast Pistol Advertusement3.BMP

I modified Jollex's DD-27 v2.1 and it is pretty darn powerful. I will be posting within 1 month or so.


Really, your skill level is INCREDIBLY high. I could never do that.

Thanks, that was months ago though, check out my newer guns.

I will create the best k'nex gun someday... someday.

I don't this that it's possible to create one "best" gun. That would just put every other to shame, no point in building any of them. Look at them, don't they look sad? Come back ashamed knex guns, come baaaaack!!!!