Introduction: Knex Rusty Chevy Bel-Air SS

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This is a more powerful version of the rusty bel-air.

New features:

350 ci V8
Bigger hood
Flowmaster Exhaust
Better rear suspension


380 hp @ 5700 rpm
420 tq @ 3900 rpm


camping crazy (author)2013-04-03

Nice car!!

~KGB~ (author)2011-01-01

nice car!

lukas rider (author)2010-12-31

you do know that the 350 small block was not stock in a belair

I know, there was not a bel air SS option until maybe 1959. The real SS was not out until 1962, when it had the 409 engine. The 350 was not one of the options in reality. This is just my version of the SS model.

Flatout Knex (author)2010-12-31

hey u made my car dude cool

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