A k'nex gun shaped like the letter "S". Or 5. It was made because I missed getting into Jollex's tournament, and decided to post a gun based on the requirements of the contest, a gun with a complex trigger with moving parts. It has a 4 round grey connector mag.
Crazy/Weird/Awesome any way how do you even hold that thing?
How does it work? Could I have a couple image notes please?
hey thats not urs thats s0lekill3rs
I thought you left? anyway, Welcome!!!
Actually that was me, I just wanted to see who said what when I posted a comment from his account.
What is so funny? Isn't that the huggy bear guy from Toy Story 3?
very werid.... but decent
Looks absolutely ridiculous. I like it.
Just asking, but could you search for this? When I tried to find it in the K'nex category, or when I searched K'nex S gun, under recent, I couldn't find it.
Its because you put the " infront and behind the S. Perhaps put some more tags in.
Useless... but cool lol
how do you hold it?
You hold it at the handle. It's on the bottom, next to the blue connector trigger guard.
oh i see, thanks!
it looks like a 5 :-) bud stil funny ! 5*

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