It's my first knex gun, i tried to make it look like a SA80 but well...failed o well hope you like it. It also has a removable mag which I thinks cool :P
It has a low range maybe 20 feet but im learning =D
its nice but the fron grip dosnt seem quyuit the right shape and is a tad to small and the scopes not the best in the world but its nice<br /> <br />
Please take SA80 out of the title if you don't think it looks like it.&nbsp; It does look like you have something ,but the front end is just thrown together and lazy.
Not too bad, really.
Ugh not too great. &nbsp;Doesn't look very comfy, and if the pin is like you say, it would stick out of the stock.&nbsp; The low range is because of the extra connectors after the loading chamber.<br />
i can't think of a better way of making the pin but if you have any suggestions...<br />
First remove all the connectors in front of the breech area and turn it into a fake barrel. &nbsp;This should clean the design up a bit.<br />
Chears<br />
Not a total fail..........
that thing can't shoot<br /> if it can how???
Well I stuck two grey rods together so it's a massive firing pin so now it goes all the way through the barrel!<br />

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