K'nex SBR {Short Barreled Rifle}


Introduction: K'nex SBR {Short Barreled Rifle}

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Hey again guys! Today I made a K'nex Short Barreled Rifle or SBR. It is 5 layers thick, it has a removable magazine, a 100% comfortable handle, and a very nice stock. It fires about 45 feet, and the ammo is white rods. I hope you guys love this gun and PLEASE GIVE ME A REQUEST FOR ANY K'NEX BUILD!! THE FIRST 5 REQUESTS WILL BE RAFFLED OFF AND I WILL BUILD WHATEVER IT IS. ANY GUN ANY CAR ANY KNIFE ANY GRENADE, ANYTHING! SO PLEASE JOIN IT AND SEE IF YOU ARE THE LUCKY WINNER!!



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    I am very sorry to say this, but, I broke the gun apart. I need the pieces for everyones requests. I am really sorry dude! You will get a ton of pics of my next on going builds to make up for it. I am really sorry.

    Thank you so much man! Hmm....... I will think about it. I think I already made a gatling gun, but I could make a better one. I love the idea of an old style cannon though! Thank you for the request, I will make one of these after I do Knextremely Stupid's request which was a rubber band slingshot mech on a gun which I already know what I will do for it. But thank you for the request it will probably be in my next instructable after the rubber band mechanism. I can't wait to do these great sounding builds!

    Hmm. I would probably use paper. I mean there are no circle knex really you know what I mean?

    What about the ammo that is 2 hemispheres(the either green translucent, red translucent or black ones) and combine them with a green rod.

    That'd probably work if you have some of those pieces. Even if you can only make one cannon ball those old cannons were only one shot anyhow.

    Guest what guys, I'm working on a new ball machine!!! Its massive


    i would like to see a scar-l or a steyr aug (working mag). hope you can figure something out. (maybe a combo of the two)