K'nex SBR {Short Barreled Rifle}





Introduction: K'nex SBR {Short Barreled Rifle}

Hey again guys! Today I made a K'nex Short Barreled Rifle or SBR. It is 5 layers thick, it has a removable magazine, a 100% comfortable handle, and a very nice stock. It fires about 45 feet, and the ammo is white rods. I hope you guys love this gun and PLEASE GIVE ME A REQUEST FOR ANY K'NEX BUILD!! THE FIRST 5 REQUESTS WILL BE RAFFLED OFF AND I WILL BUILD WHATEVER IT IS. ANY GUN ANY CAR ANY KNIFE ANY GRENADE, ANYTHING! SO PLEASE JOIN IT AND SEE IF YOU ARE THE LUCKY WINNER!!



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    I am very sorry to say this, but, I broke the gun apart. I need the pieces for everyones requests. I am really sorry dude! You will get a ton of pics of my next on going builds to make up for it. I am really sorry.

    Thank you so much man! Hmm....... I will think about it. I think I already made a gatling gun, but I could make a better one. I love the idea of an old style cannon though! Thank you for the request, I will make one of these after I do Knextremely Stupid's request which was a rubber band slingshot mech on a gun which I already know what I will do for it. But thank you for the request it will probably be in my next instructable after the rubber band mechanism. I can't wait to do these great sounding builds!