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Introduction: K'nex SCAR-L

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.

Hello fellow knexers. This slideshow is about the SCAR-L I finished yesterday. It has some attachments and features:
- Same size as the real SCAR-L
- Movable charging handle
- Movable trigger
- Removable magazines
- Some attachments (scope, red dot sight, carrying handle, small magazine)
- (The small mag is just because I had not enough    yellows for a second full sized mag)
- You can put rails on the bottom and top, I ran out of yellow connectors, so I don't have them

Tell me what you think, and please comment and rate!

**credits for the scope and carrying handle go to Rec0n for his M107 V3.5**



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    :) one of the best scars I’ve seen on this website besides nutty guy’s scar l

    Cheers. Senior Waffleman also has a neat one. Nutty's and Waffle's both shoot, while still looking good, though.

    That might be tricky, because of how I set up the gun / stock. If you're willing to do some modding, then yeah, sure, it should be possible.

    i just modded it so now the stock folds, although it is a littke bulky

    Oh neat. Do you have a photo or something, by any chance?

    Thanks. I understand you don't build non-shooting guns anymore. I build them 'cause I like to make models of real guns. (I don't have a priority to shooting, as I have 5 airsoft guns...)

    does that mag size function? because i think that would be better for my SCAR if it does i will remake mine and post an instructable

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