K'nex SCAR-L Instructions





Introduction: K'nex SCAR-L Instructions

Hello fellow knexer. These are the instructions for my SCAR-L model. For some stats about it, view the slideshow...

Step 1: The Stock


Step 2: Main Body Pt.1: Handle


Step 3: Main Body Pt.2: Magwell


Step 4: Main Body Pt.3: Body

Step 5: Handguard / Front Barrel


Step 6: Outer Barrel and Optional Carrying Handle


Step 7: Stassembling

Step 8: Magazine



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    cool i used ur magwell and your magazine in my assault rifle and it works a treat

    It's sad how the community has kind of slowed down... :/

    I didn't see this comment earlier, 'cause I got no e-mail.
    Anyway, yeah, I agree. It has slowed down. Recently, there are a lot of simple things, things that have been done a lot of times before, undeserved featured knex things and what not. Heck, even almost all of the contest entries are meh or worse. The only good ones that have been accepted yet are two ball machines, the truck and sewing machine.

    Daaaannnnggg Braaaa.... That is one SEXY scar... you should make a M8A1 next....

    Thanks. A. Lot!
    I'll try to make a XM8 next (same as the M8a1 ;) )

    Ha! A year later and i finally got enough parts to build. Looks sexy :D

    My friend decided to get rid of an entire bin of knex. I got at least 200+ of every peice. for like $5.00 too... So pretty dang cheap. :D

    My jelly level is currently off the charts

    Twas pretty nice of him! :D