Picture of Knex SIG 552 Commando
This was a very cool gun. I didn't finish makin this gun but i managed to get some pictures of it. I broke it so i will not post it. It had a good range of 50 feet and it was very accurate. Credit to ironman for the mag and the rails. It had a true trigger, trigger guard, adjustable foregrip, moveable sight, removable mag, and it was pretty good lookin. Hope ya like it.
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tthomasvd4 years ago
3 words: stock is missing!
Hiyadudez5 years ago
Hmm.... looks cool. Needed a stock though, Handle looks a little flimsy, but I'm sure that it is strong enough. Anyway, good gun. 4.0*

the commando version, and yes i know, folding stock, but i also saw a version like that in a video game once, without the stock

4.5* Gtrain,
ive got that airsoft gun
combatknex5 years ago

im sorry.... but fail. but i doo like your vector. i give this 2* sorry