K'nex SIG SG 550




Introduction: K'nex SIG SG 550

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.

Hello everyone! This is my most recent k'nex creation: The SIG SG 550. It's a model with a couple of features:
- Good Looks (imo)
- removable magazines
- movable trigger
- movable charging handle
- comfortable
- textured butt-stock
- 2 types of tops: railed and not-railed
- a couple of attachments (scope, my red dot sigt, bakebitz's rds, silencer)

Tell me what you think, and please rate.

~~~~credits go to Bakenbitz for his Red Dot Sight~~~~
*****If someone else used the type of rds I used, please tell me*****
(includes close ups for my rds, if you want to use it)
>>>update: trigger guard added (functions as mag-release)<<<



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    Oh hey how come you don't post any knex guns any more

    Work, other hobbies, studies, stuff like that.

    I started something a while ago, but haven't been in the mood yet to finish it. Maybe someday, I'll see.

    Love to the left of the 1st person view picture...


    3 replies

    Nah, I love the sig sg, And this gun is perfect man! Love it.

    LOL in the fifth pic, i saw the m14 airsoft box! Is it electric or gas?

    3 replies

    Lol. Actually, it's spring. (but if I pass school this year, I get a gas m93 raffica (tanaka sic 93))

    That is still cool. Whats the fps and hpw much does it cost

    The m14 has around 220 fps I think. It was 75 euro. It has a adjustable hop up, adjustable rear sight, safety and a rail system you can put on the gun. I had a airgun scope on the rails.
    The m93 has 300 fps I think, I didn't chronoed them, 'cause airsoft is illegal here in the Netherlands

    It's okay except for the fact that its a model AGAIN
    Also nice poster ;-)

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    Thanks, lol. I'll try to build a shooting replica next

    Try a remake of your mp-40
    Or an authentic wwII rifle
    Or a dragunov

    Hmm, ik denk dat ik voor een wo2 geweer of de vector ga =D

    Ik ben nu bezig met de vector dus neem maar een authentieke woII rifle

    Ik ben nu eigenlijk bezig met een 'true bolt action' pistool :p

    Die was toch mislukt?

    Ja, ik ben er opnieuw mee begonnen gisteren avond. Hij werkt nu beter (trekker wordt niet meer tegengehouden door een beige clip) Ik maak hem dadelijk af, moet eerst even bijkomen van guitar hero :P(Ik heb net Fury of the Storm op hard gehaald met drummen (70% maar ja) en dat is ontzettend vermoeiend)