K'nex SIG SG 550




Introduction: K'nex SIG SG 550

Hello everyone! This is my most recent k'nex creation: The SIG SG 550. It's a model with a couple of features:
- Good Looks (imo)
- removable magazines
- movable trigger
- movable charging handle
- comfortable
- textured butt-stock
- 2 types of tops: railed and not-railed
- a couple of attachments (scope, my red dot sigt, bakebitz's rds, silencer)

Tell me what you think, and please rate.

~~~~credits go to Bakenbitz for his Red Dot Sight~~~~
*****If someone else used the type of rds I used, please tell me*****
(includes close ups for my rds, if you want to use it)
>>>update: trigger guard added (functions as mag-release)<<<



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    Oh hey how come you don't post any knex guns any more

    Work, other hobbies, studies, stuff like that.

    I started something a while ago, but haven't been in the mood yet to finish it. Maybe someday, I'll see.

    Love to the left of the 1st person view picture...


    Nah, I love the sig sg, And this gun is perfect man! Love it.

    LOL in the fifth pic, i saw the m14 airsoft box! Is it electric or gas?

    Lol. Actually, it's spring. (but if I pass school this year, I get a gas m93 raffica (tanaka sic 93))