My awesome replica of an SL8

Some credit goes to Shadowninja31 for handle :)
Thou shalt post this and when thou post it. Thou shalt be mighty and feared among the K'nex gun community. Ye mighty lord, to post or not to post, that's the question.
So sexy.
Thanks :)
Thank you :D
if you post some pics of how to make the shell, i could make it
Well its not that hard, but, im still busy with my aug right now.
isint the sl8 a airsoft gun<br>
It's also a real weapon.
I know that I&acute;m a bit late but still you earn 100.000* for this gun. I say that this is your best gun ever made and I like them both.
I'm not a big fan of SL8s, but...wow. Great replica!
Thanks :D
any chance at all of posting? I WAAAAANT IT FOOL<br>
Ive gotten more pieces than I had when this was built, I might remake, just, i need some time, ive got a project going on right now =)
Coolcool what is it any hints? and I would definitely build this it looks great like your Projeect A, but i had some trouble with the mag but i think ill be able to do it on this.... :)
Simple rifle, pretty big, with ok power :P, my project A was actually amazing compared to all of my guns :D, where did you have trouble?
The locking in part... i couldnt quite get it to *click in* like you said... :L<br>
For the mag?
You push foward on the mag, slide in place, and push foward
this is awesome!<br>would you please post instructions for it?
I might remake one of these days, but i have something else goin on :P
dude this gun rocks and is the best SL8 ever made on the site. <br>
You get a sub for this! Nice work:)
Lol, thanks
wtf holy sh*t i never knew they made an l96 crossed with a g36k thats epic also where the upper receiver is close to the handle i see the mp5 (on the real gun)
Yea, but its more like a g36 thing tho
Idk, why arent you?
gun is byebye &gt;-&lt;
its sad....all the best guns on this site dont have instructions -.-
For one thing, this shot terribly bad, and another thing, needed a lot of internal structure and a bit of a cleaner mech
gun is gone sir
.....i keep saying POST!!
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujSoaPAir-c">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujSoaPAir-c</a><br> 5*
U spamming me?
No, I really like this.
Why Not?
Omg Post this, 5*

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