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Hey everybody this is my k'nex SMG with a removable magazine and it is incredible. It is mainly dedicated to or Linkin_J_Knex he is a really cool guy and you guys should follow him for me. So I hope you guys like it please comment, rate, subscribe, and hit the favorite button. And followLinkin_J_Knextoo. Enjoy!


Linkin_J_Knex (author)2015-12-18

Great ;) (got the email 4 grenade launcher comment however I can't find the comment xD)

Cool! It is now posted!

Great I'll check it out! I have a few ibles planned :)

Linkin_J_Knex (author)2015-09-07

this is cool dude :D ill make it(if I remember you may have to remind me) when I destroy my ball machine

Ok thanks dude I will post instructions in a couple days or so.

oh I just realised it's dedicated to me! Ty dude for helping me with Instructables :D BTW it's Linkin_J_Knex

Hey, I am posting a k'nex gun attachment! It is a k'nex Grenade launcher! I hope you will like it!

oh wait you can see my name from the comment =3_-)

Thanks! You are eleven? If you are, you are great at k'nex your self!

I'm 13 but I've been knexing since I was like 6 or 7 :D

Dang dude! I have only for like a year or 2

When are instructions coming out? Sorry to push u. Also how do u add annotations to the pictures?

I am so sorry:(:(:( I broke it:(:(:(:(:(................. But this is a promise from ME.......I am making.. a motorized FULL AUTO MACHINE GUN!!!!!!! And right when I post it... The instructable will have instructions...... I promise..... But what do you mean........"Annotations"......

OK I'm really really excited for a full auto gun!! By annotations I mean, when I click the little pencil in the top right corner of a picture, a box outlines certain bits of the picture and there's text at the bottom. (This is on mobile BTW)

Thank you! But, if you want to make it, you will need 2 gears and a standard motor for the important stuff...... otherwise, it is just standard k'nex. And yes I am pretty sure I do.

what gears? I have all except the special green gear, the special white gear and the massive yellow gear

They are like mediam size gears. bigger than the small ones, but smaller than the huge yellow ones, so about mediam size I guess.

Ah OK the red, grey and yellow medium gears. I'm excited :D

You will be! I will post it probably....... probably today. But if I do... You should make this thing. You will be happy if you do!

Great! I only really get time for k'nex at weekends I currently have I_am_Canadian's compact ast pistol built however I have no duct tape so it doesn't really work. It killed my fingers building it! Now I have to take it apart and build your amazing machine gun :)

Thanks! I will post today!

will it be up today?

It should be up today yeah



xD Where is it? I waited a few days and haven't seen it :(

I am really sorry but my computer died and now it's fixed

Oh, and I have 2 new ibles both made on the same day!

Oh my bad, I will change it now.

ok cheers :D


Right... nearly finished my new element-in-progress xD I'm so excited! I don't know when I'll post instructions though as I'm so busy due to school lol


lol, btw you're great for an eleven year old :D

sandroknexmaster (author)2015-12-14

Looks good!

Thanks man!

CorgiCritter (author)2015-09-13

Really awesome! It looks very cool. How well does it shoot?

I thought you were older too! I'm 13 and I am not allowed Facebook either.

I don't even WANT to be on Facebook.

Same. I feel no reason why I should have it

I agree. Are you home schooled?

No. Why?

I thought so since we were talking when most kids are in school.

I'm from England. Different time zones

Me too what part are you in?

Sorry can't tell you that

okay sorry for asking I'm aware you don't actually know me and you want to be careful about privacy :)

Yep. Also, sorry splinter if you see this for basically filling up your comments area :/

Do you have kik?

Do you have kik

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