K'nex SMG With Removable Mag





Introduction: K'nex SMG With Removable Mag

Hey everybody this is my k'nex SMG with a removable magazine and it is incredible. It is mainly dedicated to or Linkin_J_Knex he is a really cool guy and you guys should follow him for me. So I hope you guys like it please comment, rate, subscribe, and hit the favorite button. And followLinkin_J_Knextoo. Enjoy!



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    Great ;) (got the email 4 grenade launcher comment however I can't find the comment xD)

    Great I'll check it out! I have a few ibles planned :)

    this is cool dude :D ill make it(if I remember you may have to remind me) when I destroy my ball machine

    Ok thanks dude I will post instructions in a couple days or so.

    oh I just realised it's dedicated to me! Ty dude for helping me with Instructables :D BTW it's Linkin_J_Knex

    Hey, I am posting a k'nex gun attachment! It is a k'nex Grenade launcher! I hope you will like it!

    oh wait you can see my name from the comment =3_-)

    Thanks! You are eleven? If you are, you are great at k'nex your self!

    I'm 13 but I've been knexing since I was like 6 or 7 :D