I present to you a new Battle Rifle that I thought of making. It has a new mag type that ive never used. It is a...... READ THE STATS!

Very Powerful
Good range 30-45 ft
Internally pushed mag
Not a standard repeater (uses a bolt)
Far block back

Somewhat unrelaible
Mag is funky
Only holds 9 shots

Oh, for those who I told there would be a Barrett, that project got cancelled.
well not to be offensive but it seems a little sloppy.
Coming from you?
Thank you?
hay are you going to get with a hurricane in about 8:00 hrs? i am
Yes, I am going to get a hurricane lol. I live in Pennsylvania.
yah i live in new york
York, Pennsylvania got like nothing other than like 4 inches of rain and a little wind lol. What did Elmira get?
it is not past us yet .but we got rain and huge gust of wind
Intresting, theres probably a lot of power outages.
not yet. but in three states over 4,000,000 people without power
Thats actually quite a bit of people lol.
yah just a little
Sick gun i really like the overall design of it!
Cheers. I dont really know how to say that this is my favorite gun without bragging lol.
I like this. Try using connector ammo for improved performance. I see you used the Zaktangle's mag design. A very reliable yellow rod mag.
Cheers. =D My mag is slightly different than Zak's, different pusher and it uses broken orange connectors instead of the gray connectors. Zak's mag was a little too unreliable for my liking. And my mag's pusher is also completely internal, no bands sticking out the sides, just one flexi-rod as the pusher.
My only nag is the fact that it is taped but that is just me being a purist<br>
Yea the mag would only stay together if I used tape. This gun is surprisingly unreliable, as the mags are still a little funky. But the priming handle problem is fixed.
looks neat
Cheers. =D And not to brag but this is my favorite Battle Rifle.
lol=D it is pretty awesome
cool, but what do you mean with '' mag is funky'' ?
Cheers. The mag just acted very weird until I modded a couple orange connectors, and now it does not try to shoot 2 at once like the old one.
ok, is it bolt action like the zkar or is that just an thing you pull to cock the gun?
It works similar to the ZKAR's bolt action.
ok, thats cool!
he great gun I know you had a barrett in mind because you told me but you can see it at the stock and handle. great job
Cheers. =D The original gun was going to be a Barrett, but it got too complicated after the receiver lol. So I just made a removable mag Battle Rifle.
That's not really a bolt ._.
I could not really think of a name for it. And how does the gun look?
Lol okay, it's just that there are numerous people who stick something on the ram and are all like &quot;lol bolt action lol&quot; so it gets a tad annoying :P and well, it looks sturdy and like it functions well, at least. It doesn't look like anything new though, honestly.
I know, and I can agree that its not all that new. The only selling point of this gun really is the internally pushed mag; and relatively far block back of over 6 inches. And what would you call that &quot;bolt&quot; thing that cocks the pin back?
Lol I guess, though those have been around for a while :P lol it really isn't anything, it's just...a pull thing. Maybe a priming handle? It....I don't know. lol
Ill call it a priming handle then lol.
getting better as a builder. I LIKE
Cheers man. I just felt like trying internally pushed mags on a Battle rifle. =)
I can tell you got the frame from a barret, (mag &amp; stock)
Yes, I did use a Barrett as an inspiration. It was supposed to be a barrett originally but I gave up after realizing that I could bot make a fake barrel, and the type of mag would not angle.
Yeh, OK
aw. no Barret, but still, this looks like a good gun. =)
Cheers. =D The fake barrel got too hard to make lol, so I just gave up on it and made a Battle Rifle out of what I had lol.
thats ok =D
Well all I have to do is somehow make this gun more reliable.
whats wrong with it?
I solved the mag problem lol. I have also fixed the somewhat glitchy bolt. So nothing is really wrong except the once in a while glitch in the mag.
oh. well thats good that you fixed it
Yea, it works a lot better and to my knowledge of knex warfare, this might be a good secondary.
yeah =)
It's ok.

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