Knex SOM (Slide Out Mag) Shotgun Concept





Introduction: Knex SOM (Slide Out Mag) Shotgun Concept

About: Hello instructables! I am a 14 year old redneck who loves mechanics and cars. But one of my favorite things to do is play with knex so if anyone out there is building a knex gun or car and are trying new mec...

Hello instructables. I'm Back With a all new mech, Shotgun mech that is. It has a slide on mag hat you load white or green rods in to it ( 4 or 5 ). If you want to know a little more about the mech i will tell you just PM me.

New  mech
Removable mag
Shotgun Where you aim is where you hit.
Good looks

Range of 10 to 25 FT. ( Its a shotgun! )



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    I don't realy get the mechanism. From what I see it looks a bit like the way you load a P90?

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    I guess you could say that its like a P90 but the way it works is you load 4 to 5 green rods into the mag (the part you take out). then u pull back the ram rod, open the mag realease (Pic 10) then you slide the mag in close the mag release and then your ready to go (looks like pic 1).

    I might but do you want me to post it.

    yes i really like it and i do wish you will post it

    ok but I'll need to rebuild it some time