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This pistol is the so called V2 of the Service pistol.

Semi auto
5 shot
good range (30-40) ft
True trigger
USP-45 like

Fairly long mag reload time
A little underpowered
Unusual Bullet

This is probably the first decent non-block trigger pistol I made so far.


coolananias (author)2013-11-04

how do you make it please tell me pppppppppppllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeee

JDproductions (author)2011-01-25

sorry but it dussnt looks like an usp but nice gun

I know that it doesnt, it was based off the USP-45. But glad you like it. I think you would be better off with the SP-6 Magnum if you were to get into a knex war.

webby427 (author)2011-01-17

Cool 4*, try an angled mag next time.

DJ Radio (author)webby4272011-01-18

Angled mags shouldn't be used in anything other than a replica. The reliability of one is usually terrible.

webby427 (author)DJ Radio2011-01-18

Sorry I meant handle.

~KGB~ (author)2011-01-17

well it looks decent

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