Ok, I have gotten many requests on instructions and here they are. Be prepared for some blurry pics, but not all of them are blurry.

Step 1: The Front of the Barrel

Pretty simple follow the pics.

Step 2: Trigger / More Barrel

Again follow pics to the best of your ability. 

***PIECE WARNING*** A broken white rod is needed for the trigger to work.

Step 3: Handle + How to Attach It

same as last, but no broken pieces needed this time.

Step 4: Back of the Gun + Firing Pin and Band Placement

same as last =D


You earn a nice pat on the back for completing this gun XD 
What does it shoot?
Can you post some pics of the firing rod? Because you didn't show it in the instructions.
This is about what you should use for a firing pin to this gun.
Love the car next to it ;p <br>
Piece counter plz
side view of handle please<br>
Thats what the first picture is LOL
my handle is wobbly, is that suppost to happen? <br>
Show me what you have, and I'll be able to tell you for sure.
nevermind, i was beeing stupid and didn't pay attention, forgot an item <br> <br>it's fixed now. <br> <br>great gun btw!
Thats good you found your mistake. Thanks for the comment.
no problem dude, <br> <br>i have build a few guns myself that i haven't posted. <br> <br>it is really a good gun, love it! i will check out your other weapons <br> <br>and can you design a grenade launcher? <br>
Well, show me some of the better ones you have made if you get time to do so. I don't think i'll be making a grenade launcher any time soon though. :(
well not side but like front or back i guess is what i meant to say<br>
(removed by barny or talking peice of poo)
Great gun! My bro and I are gonna build one right now...
omg you have the best gun ever!!!!!!! <br>Nice
[Raises Eyebrow]
Not bad but the pics are to in the dark
does it hold the ammo
Where is the firing pin? <br>
You know the 4th pic? Well the firing pin goes through the center of those two black snowflakes.
I can't understand these pictures! Could you please do it step-by-step instead of having a load of random pictures?<br>
Actually, those pics are not random. You just have to look at them all. This shouldn't even be hard to make lol. =)
how do you shoot the gun?
Wow... You pull back the firing pin until the trigger clicks. And then you pull the trigger lol.
awww i dont like cutting perfectly good peices :( but oh well its for a sweet gun
I know =D Wire cutters work the best. They make mince-meat out of knex rods XD
so did my dads saw :P
Thats obvious lol. Saws actually cut stuff; as wire cutters are just a very heavy duty pair of scissors I think.
<br>I built it and it is AWESOME. Sweet gun =D
Thank you =D Glad to hear that =D
As anyone one instructables heard of macro?
Ehh, not really. I just had a very bad quality camera at the time lol.
can i post a review<br>
Sure. =)
is it muzzle loaded or magazine fed<br>
Its a muzzle loader lol.
i figured that out a little before you posted the coment.<br>
Thx for the instructions i made it and it's awesome but I made it without cutting a cut rod YAY!!!! btw this is legit congrats for being awesome <br>
Wow nice gun <br>i build him and it shoots hard <br>Awsome 5*
Can the blue hinge be replaced by a ball joint piece?
Possibly =D
this shoots o0damo rounds <br>
It get the best range with yellow rods and a orange con attached to the rod.
nooooooooooo i dont have one of those blue hinge pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats not good D:
the trigger breaks off if you wat to fire it any tips? <br>
I honestly dont know what to say man. Im sorry =(

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