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Introduction: Knex SPAS-12 Instructions

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.

Hello knexers! Here are the instructions for my SPAS-12

Step 1: Who Made This Gun?

Put some pictures if you built this gun in comments, and I'll include them here

1: Meme's SPAS-12. Modded a little for comfort and yellow connectors.
2: AUG-50M3's SPAS-12. In metallic colors, and with an moving pump!

Step 2: Build Every Part.

you will need these parts, or youre gun won't work...
There are paint pictures for some big parts
The lines that stick out in the paint pictures, are slots where a rod can click in. Rods are marked with a circel in the colour of the rod.
Paint1: Upper long part of photo
Paint2: Lower long part of photo
Paint 3: handle
Paint 4: part in top left corner

Step 3: Assembly

here you'll assemble the gun and it's parts

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Almost done =D

Step 5: Shooting

Guess 3 times what this step will teach you...



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    Anyone made a piece list for this?

    Holy sh*t this is awesome. Don't have nearly enough parts tho :(. Post a vid of u shooting it.

    gewoon weg geweldig!
    echt een cool ding, het zou nog vetter zijn als ie shell's eject!
    maar wel knex shells

    2 replies

    Bedankt! Shell ejecting is inderdaad gaver, maar wel best moeilijk om goed te krijgen.

    he, zoveel onderdelen gebruik ie niet!
    ik ga denk zonder stock maken!
    ik stuur je het resultaat wel

    2 replies

    naja nevermind, te ingewikkelt :S

    Another thing. In the picture that shows all the parts needed, some of the parts I can't see all of. The handle, the two long parts (other than the panels), the bottom part, And another part that I will describe the best I can. It's the part with 4 green connectors, 2 red connectors, 2 orange connectors, 2 white rods, a blue rod, and 3 green rods. If you can, can you post some pictures of the insides of those parts? Thanks. :)

    4 replies

    I'll paste paint pictures in seperate comments

    And I realized when I said "the bottom part", I was talking about the stock.

    In instructable. comment uploader doesn't work

    Wut? commenting, or posting it? Anyway, happy burst day!

    I'm not trying to be mean, or stupid, but just so you know, I meant when you and murdock commented on July 24, which is my birthday. That was when I got my Ipod touch. Again, im not trying to sound stupid.

    Ah. Makes sense now :D You didn't sound mean or stupid