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If you all remember the CR\236P II, then I tore it apart to make this gun because of the low range with 4 #64 bands.  And I improved the pin guide so it doesnt bend upward at all.  And this gun is now single shot for more range.  Lets see some stats, shall we?

Good range = 35-55ft
Looks "real"
Better pin guide
Rear sights

Still can get bad ranges (rare though)
Ammo has to be pushed slightly into the front barrel so it dont fall out of the breach
Cannot be rapid fired

Credit to Puddock (again for his Kar-98)


~Meme~ (author)2012-04-17

Post please.

SomeAsianKid (author)2012-01-27

post please

~Meme~ (author)2012-01-25


beanieostrich (author)~Meme~2012-01-25

Thanks. :)

~Meme~ (author)beanieostrich2012-01-25

You deserve cookies.

beanieostrich (author)~Meme~2012-01-26

Thank you for the cookies. :)

~Meme~ (author)beanieostrich2012-01-27

No problem.

AUG-5OM3 (author)2012-01-24

looks cool.

beanieostrich (author)AUG-5OM32012-01-24

Thanks man. :)

dr. richtofen (author)2012-01-23

Nice! 4*

Thanks man. =) I was so tired of ridiculously low ranges in the previous version lol.

No problem :D Haha, how far did V1/2 shoot then?

It originally shot about 30ft but then the range somehow kept getting worse and worse; so right before I ripped the V2 apart, it was only shooting 19ft on average.

Thats bad indeed.

I think that the V2 had the least range of all the guns I have made in my time of making guns.

Lol. When I build an gun, but gets low range, I just leave it somewhere. Than I destroy it a bit later.

sukinmaru (author)2012-01-23

Looking good. Posting instructions on this?

beanieostrich (author)sukinmaru2012-01-23

Thanks you. :) Not sure if I will post instructions or not; stock was hard to get together.

ryry2011 (author)2012-01-23


beanieostrich (author)ryry20112012-01-23

Thanks you.

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