Introduction: Knex SSCR IV

Well, I know that the V3 was great in all, but I just wanted to add some more stuff to this gun to make it better looking. The performance is still the same as the V3 though. Now for some stats of the gun I suppose.

Good range = 35-55ft
Cheek rest
Iron sights
Still looks "real"
Pin guided

No high ROF
Accuracy is nothing huge

Puddock for his stock and "gun" essentially. I understand I forgot to add it the first time. 



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I know this is a bit late but you forgot another con..... Not for leftys..... lol

Oh my god.. I just looked at the post-date of this thing, and it really brings a lot of memories into my head. It's honestly been a good year since I've touched any K'Nex to build anything. This gun is one that I actually forgot about a while after I tore it apart to create some unposted higher-power version of it that had a different stock, and had a pistol grip.

From what I remember about this gun, and from what I see; it probably would've been simple to convert it for left-handed folk. All you'd have to do is put the charging handle so that it faces right instead of left, and rearrange a couple of pieces so that it fit your hands better. Anyways.. I'm glad you took the time to view and comment. Thank you.

No prob!! Im a beginning builder and find that yours and many other peoples creations are cool too! I was just exploring around.

You probably didn't see it because it was overshadowed by everyone else.

What does that mean? Warning: you are in the presence if a dunbass...

It means that my gun wasn't as popular as the new, innovative ones. It wasn't popular because of the old, outdated mechanism, and it could have been better.

Why don't you remake and bettererfy it?