This is the SWAT 556 from black ops 2 and it's awesome! Except for the whole shooting part.

Looks really close to the real gun
Comfortable handle
Comfortable grip
Comfortable stock
Nice iron sights
Rails for attachments
Amazing drum mag

Normally doesn't fire
Gets pretty heavy with the drum mag
Stock isn't adjustable

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this gun. Don't forget to comment and subscribe. :D
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One last question, do you know any other channels worth checking out? Thanks
Thank you, oh and sorry for all the comments my pc was glitching.
Sorry this is a bit late but could you give me a part list?
Not includeing the drum mag plz.
Vaetheon (author)  Triggerhappy1012 years ago
I don't have the gun anymore but I could give you an estimate about how many there are
Darn there is something wrong with my pc, i cant see any of my comments -.-
nice gun tho!
This is really cool!
lol :D
Could you please send me the part list, not including the drum mag please?
Wait no it isnt that late lol.
I really like this, Great job :D!
Where ya been man?!?
Sorry about my inactivity, ive been really busy with school and such things that i havent had time to be on here. I do get on once in a while and look around, but i dont have time to be posting. Sorry.
Yup, no problem. I can understand that, but it would be nice to see some stuff from you.
Well, Im single now, so I have some more time kill than i did before on the weekends. So hopefully, you guys will see more from me :)
O.- Your single...now? O.K., well that is a lesson learned, never engage in a relationship until your of age...XD
Vaetheon (author)  Senior Waffleman2 years ago
Thanks man :D
NICE! Dude, we ought to make a BO 2 group! This is fantastic, amazing, awesome. I haven't seen a gun of this caliber in a long while.
Yeah thanks man
Vaetheon (author)  dr. richtofen2 years ago
Why did she change her name?
Well, ''she'' was actually Blue Mullet all the time...
Vaetheon (author)  dr. richtofen2 years ago
Really? Wow...
XD Did u not see his forum topic...?
I have now lost all respect for Blue Mullet...............I thought that when he came back he was more mature. I'm too speechless for words.
Vaetheon (author)  Raz1r Knex Bull3t2 years ago
Yeah... what do you think of the gun?
The gun is pretty sweet man! Good job! : D
Vaetheon (author)  Raz1r Knex Bull3t2 years ago
Thanks :D
No problem. What is on your plate now? Are you gonna make an 'ible for this? You haven't made one in quite some time...
Yeah I'll probably make an ible for this and after that probably the HAMR or a bullpup gun
Knex.X2 years ago
Cool! Try something new though.
All your guns are beginning to look like each other.
Vaetheon (author)  Knex.X2 years ago
Thanks and what else would i try?
A life size trebuchet
Vaetheon (author)  dr. richtofen2 years ago
Yeah. It'd be cool though, hehe
Vaetheon (author)  dr. richtofen2 years ago
Yeah there's no way i'd have enough knex though
I see
Vaetheon (author)  dr. richtofen2 years ago
It'd be awesome if I did though
Yeah, indeed
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