Knex Samuri Sword




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Introduction: Knex Samuri Sword

I made this when i was bored, i like it and hope you all do, it design is simple. And my Awesome brother gave me this idea.

Step 1: Gather the Materials.

Rods: 32 Gray, 2 Yellow, 2 White, 8 Green.

Connectors: 6 White, 12 Gray, 24 Orange, 4 Green.

Step 2: Construct the Handle.

Connect Gray Rods All Around The circle the Yellow Rods Go through the Orange Connectors.

Step 3: Construct the Blade.

This is the blade for the sword it is kind of like the pattern.

Step 4: The Tip.

The tip of the blade. Put the Gray connectors on each gray rod.

Step 5: Finish Project.

This is what it should look like when your done.



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     this is probably the best knex sword ive seen on this site

    it's round so how can it be a sword's a bokken so dumb its like a whacking stick.

    its a katana but cuz its plastic its a broken!!!

    1 reply

    do you mean bokken? if you do, that means "wooden sword", so your saying it's a plastic wooden sword?

    you got that right i accedent snapped some red rods on a design similar to this one!

    I just have lots with millions of stress marks :-(

    yeah that too I hate when that happens then they get all bent and stuff.

    Your screen name cracks me up.

    its more like a shinai* *a shinai is a bamboo training sword

    1 reply

    in a way, but not so much...

    yep...if only i could use mclad, i could show you guys plent *bow/ double sided katana *dual swords(by that, i meen that you can connect them and use them as 1, or pull them appart and use them as 2) *duel knifes *awesome knife design *sword handle design *i dont have camera to photo copy abilites, and my mclad isnt wrking -.- any help?

    1 reply

    i have all sorts of knex swords, like big bravehearts kind swords and everything.