Picture of Knex Samuri Sword
I made this when i was bored, i like it and hope you all do, it design is simple. And my Awesome brother gave me this idea.
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Step 1: Gather the materials.

Rods: 32 Gray, 2 Yellow, 2 White, 8 Green.

Connectors: 6 White, 12 Gray, 24 Orange, 4 Green.

Step 2: Construct the handle.

Picture of Construct the handle.
Connect Gray Rods All Around The circle the Yellow Rods Go through the Orange Connectors.

Step 3: Construct the Blade.

Picture of Construct the Blade.
This is the blade for the sword it is kind of like the pattern.

Step 4: The Tip.

Picture of The Tip.
The tip of the blade. Put the Gray connectors on each gray rod.

Step 5: Finish Project.

Picture of Finish Project.
This is what it should look like when your done.
JonatanLB4 years ago
toes lol
 this is probably the best knex sword ive seen on this site

ferrari4845 years ago
it's round so how can it be a sword
knex_mepalm5 years ago's a bokken so dumb its like a whacking stick.
casey321b6 years ago
its a katana but cuz its plastic its a broken!!!
do you mean bokken? if you do, that means "wooden sword", so your saying it's a plastic wooden sword?
that sword is friggen awsome:)
be careful when you take the rods of the snow flakes it can damage the rods badly.
you got that right i accedent snapped some red rods on a design similar to this one!
yeah I know I have at least 8 different broken rods.
I just have lots with millions of stress marks :-(
yeah that too I hate when that happens then they get all bent and stuff.
1BadMotha7 years ago
Thats funny! A k'nex crack me up!!
rofl i get that
Your screen name cracks me up.
Traxis557 years ago
its more like a shinai* *a shinai is a bamboo training sword
in a way, but not so much...
arrow shot7 years ago
yep...if only i could use mclad, i could show you guys plent *bow/ double sided katana *dual swords(by that, i meen that you can connect them and use them as 1, or pull them appart and use them as 2) *duel knifes *awesome knife design *sword handle design *i dont have camera to photo copy abilites, and my mclad isnt wrking -.- any help?
i have all sorts of knex swords, like big bravehearts kind swords and everything.
jakee1177 years ago
sry forgot the lol at the end lol
jakee1177 years ago
its not every day someone calls their brother awesome
ojochris7 years ago
I only have 29 grey rods... so I made it with red ones ;P
its not a samurai sword its a katana
no a katana is a different sword a katana is really thin i should now i have one
Daniel662000 (author)  killuhmike997 years ago
You can call it a samurai sword or a katana it doesn't matter
snipeyouout7 years ago
this isn't medieval. don't post instructables in groups it should'nt be in
in medieval times the chinise showlin monks had them
what can it hit whithout being broken, it looks flimsey to me.
Daniel662000 (author)  dolphins42zaphod7 years ago
you can hit it with almost any think it's strong
you beat me i was just about to make sumthin like this :O
Daniel662000 (author)  ianlikescake7 years ago
sploge7 years ago
regardless of how strong this is it looks pretty cool nice instructable
redsox927 years ago
how strong is this
Daniel662000 (author)  redsox927 years ago
strong doesn't break easily
Kaiven7 years ago
i once made a mechanism for stuff like this, so the grey rods wouldn't slide and make the sword bent first comment :P
Daniel662000 (author)  Kaiven7 years ago
It's suppose to bend like a Japanese sword i disguised it like that.