K'nex Samus Arm Gun





Introduction: K'nex Samus Arm Gun

It's not the best replica but it functions more like the actual one in the game. You pump the shell back while holding the gun on the inside. Doing that cocks the gun and lets oodalumps' hopper design drop a bullet into place. You then pump it back to where it originally started and fire.



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    Please make instructions.

    s0lekill3r if your out there pleeeeeease post!!!

    Lol. I'll post it this week. Or I could take a lot of pictures of it and send them to you so you can make it because I really don't feel like posting it.

    I'll start taking pics today, I got a new video camera and I'm waiting till my parents get home so I can plug the camera in since it didn't come with a USB adapter.

    can you pos or send me pics because i cannot build knex builder frecks arm gun it is way to hard.

    Oh hey, what's up? knex_builder_freak made an instructable for it so if you want to build it you can =].