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It's not the best replica but it functions more like the actual one in the game. You pump the shell back while holding the gun on the inside. Doing that cocks the gun and lets oodalumps' hopper design drop a bullet into place. You then pump it back to where it originally started and fire.


emaldonado1 (author)2015-04-07

Please make instructions.

lego64 (author)2011-05-10

looks like knex_builder_freak did that

Vynash (author)lego642011-06-06

No, he did it then I copied it and posted it for him =)

PineapplebobTheGreat (author)2008-06-04

Looks nice! And, it DOES look like the real thing. Please post instructions, it looks awesome.

Thanks, I'll be posting here in a couple weeks.

corrian (author)s0lekill3r2010-09-19

hello... i think its been a couple years.

corrian (author)2010-09-19

s0lekill3r if your out there pleeeeeease post!!!

Vynash (author)2008-06-13

common where is it errrrrrr !!!

s0lekill3r (author)Vynash2008-06-14

Lol. I'll post it this week. Or I could take a lot of pictures of it and send them to you so you can make it because I really don't feel like posting it.

Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-15

and take most of the sides off then take them and some pics with it on.

s0lekill3r (author)Vynash2008-06-15

I'll start taking pics today, I got a new video camera and I'm waiting till my parents get home so I can plug the camera in since it didn't come with a USB adapter.

Knexwizard (author)s0lekill3r2009-10-10

can you pos or send me pics because i cannot build knex builder frecks arm gun it is way to hard.

Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-15

ok cool

Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-15

will I have permission to post it and the credit goes to you

s0lekill3r (author)Vynash2008-06-15


Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-15

thx :)

Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-14

I could but its not a hassle really

Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-14

no, post I don't feel like doing that.

King_Banana (author)2008-07-02

dude its me uncguy123, I didn't know you made this! its so cool (I wish I could make it)

s0lekill3r (author)King_Banana2008-07-03

Oh hey, what's up? knex_builder_freak made an instructable for it so if you want to build it you can =].

KnexFreek (author)s0lekill3r2009-09-25

i actually made it nice job!!!!!!!!!! pls i would pay u to post the sergeant gumdrops gun im not joking u could pm me somewhere near where u live or tell me what ur local post office and i would send 20$ or if ur ok with it u could pm ur adress (but thats only if u r sure your parents will be ok with giving out that info) im 13 and if u dont believe me check out my instructables cause i posted a vid with my sidearm i am begging for u to post plz plz plz srry for sounding weird but i dont know how to better write that

Vynash (author)2008-06-10

are you making instructions yet???

s0lekill3r (author)Vynash2008-06-10

Lol ur impatient (jk). I finished my prototype of the 41 ft. coaster I'm building so hopefully tomorrow I can take apart the suit and then get started.

Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-11

and PM dsman to not leave and spread the word so he dosn't

s0lekill3r (author)Vynash2008-06-11

ok, why would he leave?

Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-11

he is prob not gonna leave anymore he said its because he was like being annoyed by the NOOBS

s0lekill3r (author)Vynash2008-06-11

Lol that's good, but I know what he means.

Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-11


Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-11

sweet!!! thanks and sometimes i am

I_am_Canadian (author)2008-06-11

Nice! does it have a mag?

s0lekill3r (author)I_am_Canadian2008-06-11

It uses oodalump's hopper.

I_am_Canadian (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-11


Vynash (author)2008-06-08

aw come on I nead this gun lol no rush but im dieing hehehehehehehehe

s0lekill3r (author)Vynash2008-06-08

Lol ok.

Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-09

thanks! was your trip fun

s0lekill3r (author)Vynash2008-06-09

No problem, and yeah it was pretty cool.

Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-09


Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-09


Vynash (author)2008-06-05

cool post it

s0lekill3r (author)Vynash2008-06-05

Thanks, I will.

Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-05

sweet thx

s0lekill3r (author)Vynash2008-06-05

Yep. That's three guns that I have to post now lol.

Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-06

hurry please if you have time

s0lekill3r (author)Vynash2008-06-06

It'll be sometime next week because I'm going camping this weekend.

Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-06

oh ok no hurry then

s0lekill3r (author)Vynash2008-06-08

I have to take my suit apart for more pieces so it might take longer than I thought.

Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-07

if you didnt leave yet do you think you coud post a pic of the whole thing

Vynash (author)s0lekill3r2008-06-05

yep post this first tho

s0lekill3r (author)2008-06-05

OK I get the point I'll POST it. But I'm glad you like it.

PineapplebobTheGreat (author)2008-06-04

nice way to.... spam! LOL

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