Hey everyone this is my first post so yah. This is one of the Head Traps from the movie Saw.  This is just the begging/frame. I will some time finish the whole thing then post a ible maybe. It's pretty week and movible but that can change. Please rate!
wear it
It's called the reverse bear trap.
I think it's the one is SAW II the head trap with spikes that crushes that guy's head. Your thinking of SAW with the lady that almost gets her jaws ripped open.
yep exactly right!
Yay? BTW I was wondering could you make the reverse bear trap? I would like to build that! ^_^
ok I could try... I haven't doen knex in a long time but yes I will
actually thats a differnet one this one is not the reverse bear trap
this looks to complicated me no biuld it <br>
1) i dont have instructions 4 it <br>2) its now broken <br>3) its actually kinda simple compared to anything else on this site. <br>but thanks anyway
really dosent seam that way i buit a gun and that was sweet but hard <br>not to hourt ur feelings or any thing but it dosnt seam like it would work <br>
how many knex do you have?
mmm like a 1.5ft by 2ft bin i know its rlly small but i was actually just going to go to ebay to look at some...
i have like 9250 pieces
thats alot......how much does it weigh?
don't know..
oh anyway thats alot well atleast more than me i dont knnow how much anyone else has but still..
thanks I dont have very good ratings on this
What is this?
have you even heard of Saw?
You mean the horror movie? Didn't saw it, I don't like horror movies... I think I now understand where it's from, but what is it?
O.K. So in Saw the movie Jigsaw captures people because they did something wrong in life. SOOO He then puts them in traps and stuff with a small chance of getting out. The is one of them. Its a head trap that goes on your head then well in the movie the guy had to dig into his eye for the key to escape. Eventually he didn't get the key so the trap snapped close on his head and the spikes go into the head and kill you! <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjrtRbstS2k <br>link to the actual thing in the movie.
Ew.... gross. How rude and unethical. And for some reason the Knex version sounds much worse now.
the knex version sound worse? what how? did yah see the youtube vid?
Thank god I didn't saw the vid! Something as cruel as a head trap... Disgustng! <br> <br>Why would you even want a knex version of that?
sorry the link doesnt work
very nice!!! can it really slam in your face like the ones in the movie? (i never saw the movie I only saw it in scary movie 4 hilarious :p)
Yes it hurts at full power but anyway Look at what i did to the ravage. <br>I added 2 of the guns from my latest ible and bang his 2 guns shoot! cool
realy nice i tried something similar but it turned out the he couldn't stay on it self
on ravage
cool on the tail I ran out of the grey clips so it looks funny but really its cool!
the ravage? or the head trap?
Does it rip your head apart?
sadly no. but thats good beacuse I've tried it one a few times
its ok ut sould be much better
lol, kool

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