Knex Sawed Off Shotgun 50th Ible


Introduction: Knex Sawed Off Shotgun 50th Ible

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Hey guys I'm back for the very last time! Yes I'm leaving instructables, I'm moving full time to youtube. Ibles is really a place to show people how to make your inventions, not a place to show off your plastic artwork. So here it is guys! My 4th collaboration with Blue Mullet. We originally were going to build a Remington 870, but that proved to be very complicated. Then we thought about doing a Henry lever action. We finally decided on a sawed off shotgun. We think it turned out fantastic. But we will let you guys judge that. So lets get to the stats then shall we?

Its a FREAKIN sawed off shotgun!
Uses removable "shotgun shells"
Shoots around 45 feet
Very strong trigger
Locks very tightly but opens relatively easy
Looks pretty accurate to a real sawed off
No sights

So I hope you enjoy my very last and 50th ible. I figured 50 was a good place to stop and leave, i hope you guys understand.
Again go subscribe to Blue Mullet on youtube and myself for future Knex guns. I hope to see all of you there.
~Lucas The Boss~



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    It's just Lucas The Boss on YouTube. Thanks man!
    Here's the link-

    Kind of a bummer that you're leaving, I just subscribed to you because you were posting some innovative stuff! I'll have to keep up to date on youtube then. Anyhow, cool gun (try to limit the broken pieces though!), and keep discovering new ways to make K'nex fly.

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    Thank you so much for subscribing to me! Ive been a fan of yours for a while! Im not really leaving the comunity, just not posting anythink to it, i think youtube is a better place to post. I like using broken pieces because they seem to make the gun look better IMO.

    You got it man! If you do come up with anything spectacular, however, you should post it here, even if it's just your youtube video. At the very least, just to spark a bit of innovation among the community. And when it comes to broken pieces, it may be harder to design complex guns without them, but that forces you to really explore wierd layouts as a designer, which can lead to some innovative solutions. I try to make all my guns with as few broken pieces if possible. If it's just for aesthetic, however, that's another thing.

    Keep up the good work! What's your youtube page?

    Yea, if i come up with anything "inovative" ill probably put it in the forums. My you tube channel is just Lucas The Boss

    Hey man, it's been awhile.

    You really got the looks on this thing right, the handle in particular is really cool. I'll sub you on youtube if I remember.

    Wow a great gun! It's really sad to see you leaving ibles and going off to youtube.

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    Thank you! Yea instructables just isnt very active anymore and just not meant for just knex guns. Its meant to show people how to create things.

    Wow a great gun! It's really sad to see you leaving ibles and going off to youtube.