So I was playing GTA: TLAD and I kinda fell in love with the sawn off shotgun, so I built this
-Really good range
-Double barrel
-Barrels can be fired individually
-Two true triggers
-Looks... really nice
-Can fire any type of rod
-can only hold two shots
-Its a huge drain on parts

Oh yes I can see the huge drain on parts. This clearly uses an un-comprehendable amount of parts. Bravo.
Do I detect a hint of sarcasm?
Considering the ratio of parts to size this does use a lot of parts.
2 true triggers=fail
but i dont understand it either :)
I'll repeat,what?
he said "two triggers EQUALS fail"
I like the name!
post please<br>
Sorry, I broke this up ages ago.
its ok
Thanks man. (It actually works reallly well, if I had a decent camera I would upload instructions and you lot would really like it)
nice =D

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