Knex Scar (Final Edition)


Introduction: Knex Scar (Final Edition)

About: I'm your average 14 year old. Guess what that also means. I have several online identities. Clearly I am also immature. I am currently known as myOmy.

This is it; my SCAR. I am done with it, but anyone who would like to finish it, be my guest. The front end will screw you up though. I have no idea why I could not get it to work. It has worked for me in the past. This is posted by an iPad so the pictures will be weird. I did show internals so that you all could see this brand-new trigger design. It also uses a brand new adjustable stock.

Shoots 30ft
Extremely accurate(on the parts I finished)
Curved mag
Would have rails but didn't add
Fun to screw around with
Easily adaptable
So yeah, this is it.

Btw Red Book of Westmarch, your welcome.



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    thanks, the only problem i have with SW's SCAR is that it looks like it has a grenade launcher underbarrel. I don't get it.

    XD Had my mail open (though, now it says that you said WOW at 1:47, while my comment was 1:49)

    Good job on the looks. Also, that trigger is pretty interesting. I have one question though; how does the stock adjust?
    Nice gun, for the finished part

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    Thanks about looks and trigger system. Just added an image note about how stock adjusts.

    Just read the description and look at internal pics and no it is not semi auto

    oops sorry about that....