Hey guys, happy New Years!!! This is my Christmas gift for you guys, but i was very busy, BUT its here :D

There has been a few mods though from the last time.

Step 1: Stock

Follow Notes

Step 2: Handle

Follow Notes

Step 3: Main Body

Follow notes, and i missed a piece in the stock, but it will be at the end of this step

Step 4: Mag and Extra Bits

Follow notes, there are a lot of bits that you need to pay close attention to get it right, otherwise it wont work the same
When i fire it all the bullets come out of the mag at once and when it does fire it does not go very far.
<p>I deleted the last comment because I realized I was thinking of the wrong post. And you might be doing something wrong, this worked out great for me. Mind showing me your internals and your banding?</p>
<p>Here is the internals.</p>
<p>I think what it is, is that the band on the magazine might be too strong for the amount of rounds youre putting in. Try putting a looser band.</p>
<p>i tried a looser band and it was to loose what band did you use?</p>
<p>Can you get one the same size as your first one but thinner?</p>
r u gonna make a parts list for this and when i build it can i reveiw it <br>
oh btw 6/5*
looks gr8 =D
forgot to add this.......5*s :D
does the frontsight neck down to mini knex? <br>
Thank you for making a good k'nex gun for me to build while getting back in to k'nex. Also, engineer is best host.
No preoblem. And what?
Engineer is TALENT. <br><br>http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkRazorZ#p/c/6F70B4D8B634ABCF/17/PAucva8FEeI<br><br>And Ghost is a racist.
cool gun 5* how many rounds can the mag hold
I dont know, but i think more than 10
Any piece count for the yellow connectors. Also what brokers does this use other than the blue? Great gun BTW<br>
I honestly dont know how many, sorry.
Thanks :)
how much snowflakes/blue 3d's does this one use? I dont have many, and I dont want to stop halfway because I don't have any left.
there are 10 blue, 1 broken blue, 12 white
Should be about fine, thanks<br>
als ik goed heb geteld zitten hier 12 witte en 8 blauwe in, plus 1 kapotte blauwe in het handvat
lol, Im taking german, but this is dutch, and i kinda got what yous said, 14 white, 8 blue, and one broken blue one in the handle. :P
Youre right :)
Are they close? Cuz There Is blaue, kaputt, i forgot white, butother than that, they sound close
ummm, I don't realy get what you mean, :p
Those words i put &quot;blaue, kapput&quot; are german, and you put &quot;blauwe, kapotte&quot;, dutch, what im saying is that they are similar and i understood what you said, you get it now?
aah, ok. I get it
yes =D
14 witte, correctie
14? i only count 12
yeah, I first also counted 12, but I forgot I also counted the two in the magwell outer plate things when I saw them in the intro picture, and added those in the new comment &gt;.&lt;
lol, its cool :P
yes, yes it is cool &gt;=)
i dont know much about guns, but i know this one is awesome and looks super real. great job, 5*
lol, thanks :)
youre welcome sir
Very cool!
thank you :)
Tip-top as always! 5*
thanks :D
YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5*s and fav.
Lol, thanks, have fun :)

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