Knex Scar-L [Update 1]




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Introduction: Knex Scar-L [Update 1]

About: i like to mess with knex, i think they are a very creative kinda toy for people that like to build things of all sorts. i have a youtube account. its potpieism, yes its a dumb name but its hard to get a name...

Hey guys, this gun will  be my christmas present for all my subscribers :)
I hope you like, im still working on it, but it shoots, and its good enough to post :D

-Removable mag
-Comfy handle
-Adjustable sights
-Iron sights
-Trigger guard
-Comfy stock
-Nice looking

-Could shoot better
-Needs tweaking
-Pin pull back isnt too far

[Update 1]
Ive been working on this some more, and it now has a further pin pull back, and it is stronger, im still working on outside looks though.





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    check out my scar l it has a retractable stock and an internal mag pusher

    I need some pics of the inside to finish making it from the pics :D

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    There have been a few mods, sorry, but theyre easy so dont worry, ill try to have the ible up by tomorrow

    I didnt put sight 1 and sight 2 option I just put sight 1. Also what does it shoot because it can take different types of ammo?

    Its white rods, and mine is bullpup, i think XD

    a scar isnt a bullpup LOL I cant imagine a bullpup scar LOL

    I finished building last night, the magwell might be different and the trigger system but it works. Thinking about putting a bullpup trigger in it to make it have a further pin pull back. I like the sights and the stock but I customize guns to what I want to use them for so I might try to make an acog scope :D

    When will you post instructions?? For now I'll look at the pics and try to build it :D

    Looks great, maybe you should put a pic of the real Scar-L?
    well anyway definately post it

    I think i have the piece you used for the first sight. I never found out were it came from you know were it comes from?

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    It usually comes with the amusement series, like micros, cuz the micro sets come with regular pieces for the motor, and they use that to alternate from regular to micro.

    This reminds me of a fish. I like it a lot though.

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    Well The slant and the stock. If you ripped the handle and the mag well off, 'a fish'.