Hey guys, this is my Scar-l CQC which is basically redone. I added a better looking barrel with top and bottom rails, a more curvable magazine, and a better barrel extension.
Here are some pros and cons:

-looks and feels good
-top and bottom rails for attachments
-retractable stock with 4 fixed positions
-curved magazine with an internal mag pusher
- NEVER jams (i did multiple tests on this)

-handle is kinda flimsy
-LARGE PIECE COUNT (green rods, yellow and orange connectors
-MANY CUT PIECES (cut white rods)

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if u guys want an 'ible, tell me on my orange board or post a comment below
Do you want to help me make a ARX-160...?
I might build, depending on schoolwork and amount of knex
Alright, just let me know when your ready...I basically has the same shape as this gun...basically.
Thanks for commenting and subscribing! Really appreciate it!!!
im working on an actual semi auto vector, and i WILL post it in 2-3 weeks
Sounds cool =D
The mag for the vector actually works, with an internal pusher. Everyone uses fake mags, but I finally came up with a better one
I posted it now, but without instructions. Check it out!
this is my vector WITHOUT THE MAG AND IRON SIGHTS. this is a conformation that i am working on the gun. how does it look?
Nice.Only thing is you need to put a one way grey connector on the end of the green rod trigger.Other than that, its great!
OK guys, listen carefully. I have a LOAD OF TESTS coming up in these 2 weeks, because it is the end of the school year. I will FINISH MY VECTOR DURING THE SUMMER, like in JUNE 20 or so. sorry for the delay guys
The Vector sounds awesome. Hopefully I won't be deceived.
you won't. I'm done with the body but still working on the mag and how it shoots.
This is an awesomes replica plz post and check out mine too
Thanks man, I'll try to fully post it next weekend
Thank you for posting it
Wait, I can't cuz my lil brother broke it and built something else. I HATE when that happens
Man I was hopeing this would get posted.
Ill build from pics but if you could rebuild that would be great
dont forget to give this a good rating
I wont

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