Knex Semi Auto, Mag Fed Crossbow





Introduction: Knex Semi Auto, Mag Fed Crossbow

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Hey, Everyone I'm posting pictures of my new crossbow. It is semi auto, removable mag, and has decent power. I will test the range tomorrow. I WILL post soon if i get enough requests.

***UPDATE*** This WONT be posted becuase when i first tesetde this it was with low power rubber bands and it only shoot 10-15ft but i figured of i just used better rubberbands it would shoot better. Not so much bullet flies out of control or only goes 5 ft. Sorry



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    nice !

    you sir,have made a j.b.a.r. (Justin bieber assassination rifle) or a good war sniper 5 stars

    1 reply

    I like it, my only question is how well does the bow hold up.

    2 replies

    Well the one in the picture surprisingly well but my updated one is better

    no prob