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Here is a great new gun. It is a true semi auto pistol that has removable mags. This gun has a little different set up then most normal knex pistols. For one it has no ram rod. This gun uses the idea that Louis XIV came up with in 2008. Kinetic recently came up with an idea and made it into a rifle. For a long time I've wanted to make a semi auto pistol, but the mech he used was way to big. I had to shrink in down a lot and I had to change it up too.

The gun has a removable mag, but what makes this mag different is that the mag is where the barrel typically is.  I did this for two reasons. One, it was more of a challenge. Two, it looks more like a pistol if the mag isn't coming out of the back of the gun. It's also more compact.  The mag holds 4 bullets, which is a small mag capacity for most guns, but the reason the gun works is because of the horizontal mag. The gun shoots 20 plus feet, which isn't bad considering what it is.

I hope you like it!
Tell me what you think!
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Step 1: Step 1

Picture 1: Build this guy
Picture 2: Add these rods
Picture 3: Make these
Picture 4: Slide them right here
Picture 5: Get these
Picture 6: Slide them over the rod
Building right now. I hope this is a good add-on for my ZKAR and a replacement for my KLS. It looks nice, that is.
<p>YOUR zkar? I don't think so O.o</p>
<p>He means the specific ZKAR that he built, not that he designed it.</p>
<p>also, I can't put on the rubber band holders</p>
<p>that broken piece could use some sanding</p>
I followed the pics and it doesn't work :( I spent ages making it! Try making it clearer. :)
<p>at least you had fun making it</p>
I'm going to be honest here. It kind of sucks.
It gets like -5 feet it shot behind me every time and jams a lot
<p>I have to be honest im disappointed. The range is horrible bad capacity and shoots more up then down but i think this is a very cool mechanism. </p>
and what does it shoot grey connectors or green rods ?
Grey Connectors are obviously not gonna fit into that...
It shoots grey cons. you pull the pusher back and slide them in. (not the light grey cons)
Favorited! Want to build it when I have time. I don't need it to shoot more then 20 ft, so its gonna be fun if I can build it right!
It doesn't work.
i want it to hold more bullets can i use a green rod instead of the white one on the green connector and the red connector nice gun by the way
just built it and i giv it a 1
just finished..it is..EPIC!!!! 5*!!! yay, i made this instructable 5*!! your welcome! ;) u r simply amazing, Killer~SafeCracker!
Thanks man, I'm glad you like it.
how long do the cut rods need to be? what kind of rod should i cut? i have a lot of blue rods...?
never mind i got it
Made it - tis very good. The first &quot;bullet&quot; occasionally gets stuck, but the next 3 don't :)
Need a videuh!!! Lol cool gun. Hows v.2 working?
I haven't spent too much more time on perfecting it. It great with one shot but I still need to perfect the loading. But it is better than this already.
I've come up with a killer new idea for this mech, check it out; <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Concepts-10/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Concepts-10/</a>
Cool idea! That would give more power. I'm working on version 2 right now. Seeing that the loading was the main problem people were having, I tried to fix that and its a lot more reliable now.
Version 2 of this gun should be out soon.
I like the concept.
picture 7 dosent maky any sence at all
Apparently you cant read the notes. You insert the mag.
Do the rounds fire out of the top of the gun or through the barrel? Looks like out the top to me.
Out the top.
I don't really get picture 5 o.o <br>And where does the thing you make in picture 4 go?
Knex gun contest of the summer: This VS loosewire's semi-auto revolver.
i made loosewires revolver yesterday and i love it. it really is epic. im sure that it will win
oh he posted the semi auto revolver? i havent been on KI in a while
He posted it here.
Pfft. Go to kichat.
Make it a 3 way then.
BakenBitz, Loosewire's semi-auto revolver already beat ooda's by a ton on design. Loose's gun's turret never has to be wound up, thus making it easier to load. Also Loose basically cleaned up the design in general by using his older design, all he had to do was ad a semi-automatic mech.
Huh? Ooda's is probably more efficient because of the lighter hammer, therefore more powerful. I'm not bagging Loose's gun at all, I'm actually building it right now. Loose's gun has been around for YEARS but he never posted instructions. I don't think its even fair to compare it, even though its probably better than this gun. Winding the turret takes two, maybe three seconds at most? It's more reliable.
The point of this gun was to not use a turret. That has been done as you said. I have not seen any pistols that are semi auto and have a removable mag and don't use a turret.&nbsp; Does Ooda's or Loose's guns shoot better I don't know, but they are a different concept than this.<br>
Never said they were the same gun but I understand where you're coming from. Try making a removable mag without so many broken parts. :)
Can I have a link to ooda's revolver?
Hi there are a lot of pictures scattered around...and I don't have the links, sorry. Come to kichat and you can probably get them.
Nice! im gonna make this.
Cool! Let me know how you like it!
I made it, I barely got it to work. It shot about once every clip, and the magazine kept coming up so I couldn't shoot. Nice idea, though :)
Did you put that thing on top of the mag like the picture? I haven't had that happen. Try putting a band over the top of the mag. It should still work as a removable mag.

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