After several failed prototypes i present the G.K.Revolver

Step 1: Parts List and Body

<p>I too have modded your gun. Nice I like it.</p>
<p>I dont have pics but I made it and modded it, and I think its better than ever. Good stuff!</p>
<p>Is it really semi auto? or do you have to cock the gun?</p>
You have to cock the gun.
THAT seems cool
The looks ain't anything, but the mech is interesting.
thanks for the feed back. the &quot;looks that aint anything&quot; was the only way i could orient if you dont like do it better then.
I didn't mean to insult you, I just got a very direct way of saying things.
apology accepted <br>
The mechanism is cool. I have seen it but you've slimmed it down. Good job.
Blue connector in the front doesn't need to be cut
Blue connector in the front doesn't need to be cut
The turret makes it look very cool.
It was the only configuration that I thought of that could use a hammer

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