Step 7: Band Placement.

Picture of Band Placement.
..and that's the way you do it.
pokerface13 years ago
This gun is great.... but the instruction is by far the worst i've ever seen....

for example look to picture 1 from step 2 ( look where the straight orange connecter is placed with the white rod)
Now look to picture 4 and 5 from step 5 ( is it on another place.... you didn't even say that it sits wrong or something )

That's why i don't realy like the instruction... I'm realy sorry man

I rated: 4.5 ( for gun ) 1.5 ( instruction) 4.5+1.5=6 6:2=3
I rated a 3... i'm realy sorry man just not very nice to build if it takes you like 5 minutes each picture to understand....

this gun is AWSOME!!!