Welcome to my instructable this is the first ive done so please give comments for improvements and if you have any trouble making the gun just ask.

Step 1: Parts

  1  white moon connector 
10  yellow half moon connector 
  2  green 4 point connector 
  5  red 3 point connectors
  1  grey 2 point connector
15  green rods
12  white rods 


Step 2: Body

First make the outer case make sure you make two

Step 3: Internals

These are the parts you need to make
nothing else really to say about these except make them


Step 4: Inserting the White Rods

put the white rods in each part

Step 5: Putting It Together

Picture one is the trigger mech at the at the angle in the gun
Picture two is the end of the barrel where the rubberbands go round
Picture three is the bottom of the handle to keep the gun rigid

Step 6:

next put the other casing  on the other side

Step 7:

Finally the rubberband placement on the trigger make sure they are tight
and youre are done if you have problems with just put a comment thankyou

<p>i built it at home and it doesnt work</p><p>but figuretively it would work</p><p>keep up thy good work</p>
<p>When I pull the trigger, the circle connector won't spin. Even if I don't put any of the rubber bands on the trigger, it is still stuck.</p>
<p>its a good knex gun for the size</p>
Thanks dom
Dude this is awesome great ible
Great, works very well, and a great pocket pistol. <br>Don't hate in it.
How du you shoot it!?
Dude, don't be a noob. U pull the thing that the rubber band goes around
im short one green rod will this matter?? <br>
I don't think that anyone would be short a green rod. You can take apart other creations if you don't think they are too good.
i tried to find a way to shoot it <br>
How do u shoot it? <br>
works alright, but had to remove the grey, 2 way connector tho
ok why wasnt it working with it do you know <br>
Every time i pulled the trigger, the 2 way would get in the way of the white connector, thus making it now spin :/
ok try and put more rubberbands on the trigger to make the grey connector to be pulled back to the original position ( before being pulled )<br>
meh, its ok for a 1st attempt. try make a gun that shoots pieces instaed of RBs
Why should he? He isnt going to try to make the &quot;perfect war gun&quot;. This is just a small rbg.
did i say that?
He has a point though. RBGs are just as good and more fun for shooting indoors.
i didnt tell him to make the perfect war gun?
I was just saying theres nothing wrong with RBGs
i know theres nothing wrong with them.
So there was no point in asking him to create a piece-firing gun.
no, i just thought that 99% of people prefer them as to the disgracefull range of a RBG.
*Presses the non-existant like button*
I meant that most people on this site will whine and say stuff like that if you dont make something better than a tr18. What is wrong with rubber bands?
im not even gonna argue with you.
ive made a few but they were rubbish and not worthy of an instuctable
Thanks for the comments i know the mech isnt perfect i tried to make it better but couldnt do that aswell as keep the size also if you put rubberbands in the gaps between the connector parts it works better
I like it. I think it is a good example of a simple mech that can be adapted easily, and the fact that you used fewer than 50 pieces according to your list is just great.
This is cool. I like the small mech.
Thats nice. It would make a great pocket pistol.<br>
I think it's cute. Try building the handle on an angle.

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