A five-shot pseudo-semi-automatic k'nex gun. The idea was from Oblivitus' k'nex concepts 12f7.

This is great very innovative, you should add a crank and increase the shots.
nice 5*<br>I have build it and i have put 2 more guns on it, now i have 7 shots
This is great. Nice new mechanism you have there.
Very nice. Good job.
AWESOME! I tried something like this once and it worked, but you had to pull the trigger bar down yourself instead of using a rack and pinion trigger.
i made it and its awesome!
Quite cool. Could be taken further.
Very innovative trigger.
I concur, although I think it could be shorter, or upside-down
Holy that's awesome!!!! (Nice idea Oblivitus!) Dude this is great though!!
Thank you for the compliment. The gun really isn't much. Also, have you seen my mag fed shotgun?
The gun IS pretty new and sweet, but no I didn't see but now I did, pretty cool!
We all know how clever you are... Sorry if that sounds sarcastic I mean it.
We all know how clever you are...
Great job, nice spin on the idea, it's wonderfully simple. I'll add you to all of the appropriate lists. 5 stars of course. :)

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