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Introduction: Knex Semi-Auto

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A five-shot pseudo-semi-automatic k'nex gun. The idea was from Oblivitus' k'nex concepts 12f7.



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    This is great very innovative, you should add a crank and increase the shots.

    nice 5*
    I have build it and i have put 2 more guns on it, now i have 7 shots

    This is great. Nice new mechanism you have there.

    Very nice. Good job.

    AWESOME! I tried something like this once and it worked, but you had to pull the trigger bar down yourself instead of using a rack and pinion trigger.

    i made it and its awesome!


    I concur, although I think it could be shorter, or upside-down

    Holy that's awesome!!!! (Nice idea Oblivitus!) Dude this is great though!!

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    Thank you for the compliment. The gun really isn't much. Also, have you seen my mag fed shotgun?

    The gun IS pretty new and sweet, but no I didn't see but now I did, pretty cool!

    We all know how clever you are... Sorry if that sounds sarcastic I mean it.

    We all know how clever you are...

    Great job, nice spin on the idea, it's wonderfully simple. I'll add you to all of the appropriate lists. 5 stars of course. :)